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Realme GT 6 series is launching in India this month

Realme celebrated its sixth anniversary recently, and to mark the milestone, the brand announced it will launch the Realme GT 6 series in India, marking the GT lineup’s return to Realme’s biggest market after a hiatus of over two years.

This revelation comes from Realme’s founder and CEO, Sky Li, who also revealed that the brand sold 100 million smartphones in India in the last five years. You can read Li’s full letter below.

While Li didn’t reveal when the GT 6 lineup will launch in India, Realme’s Indian branch announced the GT series would make a comeback to India this month without disclosing the launch date.

Realme also said that the “GT will be power-packed with features and elevate the user experience to new heights,” and this time, “as an important approach into India’s mid-high end market breakthrough, Realme’s emphasis is squarely on smartphone performance, earning it the title of ‘Top Performer.'”

You can expect to hear more about the upcoming GT series smartphone(s) in the coming days.

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