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Report Finds Social Media is Key for SMB Promotions

Social media plays a key role in SMB discovery, with more than two-thirds of consumers indicating that they prefer to learn about local businesses through social apps.

That’s according to the latest report from VistaPrint and Wix, which takes a look at the state of the current SMB landscape, and how brands are driving attention in the modern digital sphere.

The report incorporates responses from 1,000 small businesses, and 1,000 consumers across the U.S., to provide a snapshot of key trends. And there are some interesting notes, which may help in your planning.

First off, the data shows that SMBs are investing more in digital marketing over time, with social media being a key tactic.

VistaPrint Wix SMB report

Which aligns with discovery trends, as social apps are where most people now find information about brands.

VistaPrint Wix SMB report

As you can see in these charts, social media is the leading connector for all consumers under the age of 54, while the demographic specific notes could help in your targeting, depending on your target audience for each promotion.

Social media is also a key driver of interest in local businesses, though it still trails behind peer recommendations.

VistaPrint Wix SMB report

The report also looks at how SMBs are adjusting their marketing mix to align with these trends, with the majority experimenting with new approaches of late.

VistaPrint Wix SMB report

Which makes sense, especially when you consider the rise of short form video, and other influential trends. But it also shows that SMB owners are willing to experiment, and go beyond traditional means to maximize their outreach.

The report also looks at the top reasons why consumers choose SMBs over big brands, which could be another focus for your marketing.

VistaPrint Wix SMB report

Highlighting product quality, craftsmanship, and the benefit to the local community could be good ways to tap into these elements, and generate more interest.

These are some interesting notes on emerging trends, which underline the value of social for SMBs. And while the sample pool is relatively small, it does provide some indicative measures of what’s resonating, which could help guide your promotional thinking.

You can download the full VistaPrint/Wix Small Business Marketing Report here.

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