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The Reverse 1999 As the Driven Snow Falls choices determine whether or not you come away with plenty of materials! Select the choices written below to guarantee yourself a bunch of materials at the end of every stage.

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Reverse 1999 As The Driven Snow Falls

The choices below prioritise the options that grant you materials, such as Mandrakes, Alpine Pinks, etc.

Black Lake DSF-1

Welcome to the first stage!

Glacial Lake

Choice: Collect a water sampleObtains Mandrakes and AC increases by 3

Mountaineer’s Hut

Choice: Search For Supplies

Mountaineering Gas Stove

A Cave

Choice: Drive away the beasts in the caveObtain an Alpine Pasqueflower but your AC reduces by 3

Broken Cable Bridge

Frozen Tunnel

Choice: Observe from the entranceRewards you with a Mandrake

Footprints in the Snow

Cattle of the Pasture

Choice: Step back and escape

Obstructing Predators

Impending Blizzard

Crossing the Stream

Choice: Jump across the stones

Mountaineer’s Retreat DSF-2

Next up is the second stage.

Choice 1: Try to helpObtain a Moss CampionAC increases by 3 Choice 2: Take no actionObtain a Dryas OctopetalaAC increases by 3 Choice 3: Chat Choice 4: Follow themObtain a Dryas Octopetala Choice 5: DealObtain a White DaffodilAC is reduced by 3 Choice 6: Stop and take in the view Choice 7: Look for shelter Choice 8: Ignore it Choice 9: Try skiing Choice 10: Bravely advance Choice 11: Go right

Cliffside Cabin DSF-3

Onto the third stage.

Choice 1: Pick and preserveObtain an Alpine Forget-Me-NotAC increases by 3 Choice 2: Make a detourObtain a GentianAC increases by 3 Choice 3: Bathe in the sunlight Choice 4: Cook Choice 5: Ask him for adviceObtain an Alpine RaspberryAC decreases by 3 Choice 6: Scare it off Choice 7: Run for coverObtain an Alpine Forget-Me-Not Choice 8: Avoid disturbing the remainsObtain an Alpine Raspberry Choice 9: Take medicine Choice 10: Scare them off Choice 11: Look for shelter Choice 12: Jump across the stones

Horn of the Summit DSF-4

The fourth and final stage!

Choice 1: Search for supplies Choice 2: Watch and waitObtain an EdelweissAC decreases by 3 Choice 3: Cook Choice 4: Rest Choice 5: Prepare thoroughlyObtain a Glacial Buttercup Choice 6: Approach quietly Choice 7: Persevere Choice 8: Try to repair it Choice 9: Watch and waitObtain an EdelweissAC decreases by 3


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