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Are you looking for a complete list of Ro-Wizard spells? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’m going to round up all of the spells you can cast in this Roblox RPG. I’ll also include the locations for all of the spells, their effects, damage, and cost. Basically, it will include everything that you need to know so you can waste less time reading and spend more time playing. I’ll also update this guide whenever anything changes, or anything new is introduced, so I recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often.

Ro-Wizard is, effectively, Hogwarts Legacy for Roblox. You explore a very familiar school of witchcraft and wizardy, learning recognisable spells, and generally trying to avoid any copyright infringements. You can brew potions, duel other players, ride around on your broomstick, and battle a wide variety of monsters. In fairness, Ro-Wizard actually predates Hogwarts Legacy by a few years, but sadly shut down shortly after launch. It’s now back with an overhauled first act and big plans for future updates.

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Ro-Wizard Spells List

Now, let’s take a look at all of the spells you can cast in Ro-Wizard.


That classic wizarding spell that allows you to summon any object without the need to go and get it. Imagine if you could use it when you’ve lost your phone or left the TV remote over there?

Spell Type: CharmLocation: StarterEffect: Attracts objects towards the caster


This one would be handy if you lost your keys. You can unlock any door, and also reveals nearby secrets. It’s basically Alohomora and Revelio combined.

Spell Type: CharmLocation: StarterEffect: Unlocks doorsReveals secrets

Aqua Carcerem

This is a very handy spell that combines damage and crowd control.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: Forbidden ForestEffect: Traps the target in a ball of water and deals damageDamage: 20Cost: Eight OrbsCooldown: Six seconds

Arresto Momentum

This is a really handy spell for navigating the world. In particular, if you want to drop from a huge height and want to avoid the fall damage, use Arresto Momentum.

Spell Type: DefensiveLocation: Clock TowerEffect: Slows down time in a spherical areaReduces falling speed Cost: 12 Orbs


A great spell for increasing your speed.

Spell Type: UtilityLocation: Rollsmeade BarEffect: Launches the caster forward


Want to reach that high up place? Ascendio can help.

Spell Type: UtilityLocation: Lions TowerEffect: Jump higher


A great beginner’s attack spell that’s kind of like the magic equivalent of a machine gun.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: Entrance HallEffect: Fire a barrage of bubblesCost: 10 Orbs


This spell counters Alohomora. It locks doors that your opponent has opened.

Spell Type: CharmLocation: Badger’s Common RoomEffect: Locks doors


This spell is terrific in PVP, as it copies all of the damage you receive back at your opponent. If you need to buy yourself some time to heal, cast this to prevent your opponent from attacking temporarily.

Spell Type: CurseLocation: Potions ClassroomEffect: Cast on a target to inflict damage received by you upon them


A solid attack spell that can clear a group of opponents with ease. It knocks them back and deals solid damage.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: Outdoor ClassroomEffect: Shoots an AoE fireball that damages and knocks backDamage: 20Cost: 9 OrbsCooldown: Seven seconds


This is another terrific PVP spell that prevents your opponent from using their abilities temporarily.

Spell Type: CurseLocation: DungeonsEffect: Forces the target to sit, walk, and jump repetitively


A handy spell in a bind that knocks back your opponent. It’s great against melee enemies.

Spell Type: CharmLocation: StarterEffect: Knocks the target back


A basic attack spell that deals decent damage.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: StarterEffect: Damage an opponentDamage: 18

Encaseum Bombardo

A solid attack spell that you can use to control where your opponent stands. It deals damage to whoever steps into your trap.

Spell Type: RuneLocation: Broom Practice YardEffect: Leave a trap on the ground that damages enemies that step in itDamage: 25

Encaseum Levo

Another trap, but this one launches enemies into the air.

Spell Type: RuneLocation: Ruined TowerEffect: Launch any opponent that steps into it

Encaseum Helios

A ‘trap’ that can heal you and those inside it. If you’re in PVP, you might want to be careful using this spell,

Spell Type: RuneLocation: Suspension BridgeEffect: Heals those inside it


A solid healing spell that’s useful at all stages and in all game modes.

Spell Type: DefenseLocation: Lion’s CourtyardEffect: Heals for 15 HP

Expecto Patronum

Handy when you face dementors.

Spell Type: DefenseLocation: Defense Against the Dark Arts ClassroomEffect: Defeats dementors


One of the best PVP spells, as it allows you to completely shut down your opponent for eight seconds. That might be enough time to defeat them without fear of retaliation.

Spell Type: DefenseLocation: Grand HallEffect: Disarms opponents for eight seconds


You can use this to destroy rune ‘traps’ that enemies place on the ground.

Spell Type: DefensiveLocation: Wooden BridgeEffect: Counters Runes


One of the most powerful attack spells in the game.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: Sunken CaveEffect: Damages opponents in an AoEDamage: 40Cost: 15 Orbs


Another incredibly powerful attack spell.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: Divination ClassroomEffect: Casts lightning that damages an opponentDamage: 75Cost: 10 Orbs


This spell is handy in PVP, as it can buy you time to recover your health or escape an opponent.

Spell Type: DefenseLocation: WillowEffect: Creates a smokescreen

Gaia Murum

Another handy PVP spell that can buy you time, or force an opponent to move into a trap.

Spell Type: DefenseLocation: Library Restricted SectionEffect: Creates a wall of earth


Yet another spell that’s handy in PVP. It creates a clone of you that can completely confuse your opponent.

Spell Type: CurseLocation: Dark ForestEffect: Creates a clone

Glacia Maxima

A mid-level attack spell that will help you during the middle phase.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: Crystal CaveEffect: Cast ice that damages opponentsDamage: 30Cost: 18 Orbs


Decent in both PVP and PVE, as you can shut down an opponent temporarily.

Spell Type: DefenseLocation: OwleryEffect: Freezes an enemy


If you can subdue your opponent temporarily, this is one of the best spells to follow up with. You can wail on your opponent, dealing huge damage without worrying about them retaliating.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: Lion’s CourtyardEffect: Turns your wand into a sword that can attack enemiesDamage: 12


Go fast!

Spell Type: CharmLocation: StarterEffect: Increases your speed temporarily

Homenum Revelio

This is a great counter to Fumos, as it will reveal any opponents that hide in the smoke screen.

Spell Type: UtilityLocation: Entrance HallEffect: Reveals nearby players


Another of the best-in-class PVP spells that can shut down an opponent.

Spell Type: DefenseLocation: WillowEffect: Immobilises a target temporarily


A low level attack spell.

Spell Type: UtilityLocation: Quidditch PitchEffect: Damages enemiesDamage: 10


This spell has limited use, as it only teleports you to an obby. Still, if you want the reward, enjoy!

Spell Type: CurseLocation: Library Restricted SectionEffect: Teleports you to an obby


PVP = good. What more can we say?

Spell Type: CurseLocation: Transfiguration CourtyardEffect: Hangs the victim from the ankle in the air


It’s a difficult spell to use in PVP, but in PVE it can cause decent damage and chaos against groups of enemies.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: Entrance HallEffect: Fires an orb that shoots lasers that can harm opponentsDamage: 12Cost: 20 Orbs


If it’s dark, use Lumos.

Spell Type: UtilityLocation: StarterEffect: Creates a light

Lumos Maxima

If you need more light, use Lumos Maxima.

Spell Type: UtilityLocation: Transfiguration CourtyardEffect: Creates a big light


Counter your opponent’s Lumos with Nox.

Spell Type: UtilityLocation: StarterEffect: Removes the effects of Lumos


I’m not sure exactly what you’d need this spell for, but if you need to alert teammates to your presence, this is the best option.

Spell Type: UtilityLocation: Dueling ClubEffect: Fire red flares from your wand


Counters many, if not all, of the attack spells in the game. Great for PVP.

Spell Type: DefenseLocation: StarterEffect: Protects against spells

Protego Electrica

This is a great counter to melee opponents, as it will push them back and damage them if they get close.

Spell Type: DefenseLocation: Defense Against the Dark Arts classroomEffect: Knocks back enemies that touch the shield and deals damageDamage: 4


One of the best attack spells in the game and it knocks back enemies too!

Spell Type: AttackLocation: Clock Tower CourtyardEffect: Knocks back and deals damageDamage: 40Cost: 5 Orbs


A very similar spell to Gladio, but it focuses on immobilising opponents rather than damaging them. If you’re in a PVP duel with an ally, you can keep your opponent locked down using this, while your ally deals damage.

Spell Type: CurseLocation: Gravyard near The WillowEffect: Turns your wand into a sword that knocks enemies to the ground and immobilises them


A decent starter spell that deals damage and temporarily stuns.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: StarterEffect: Deals damage and mildly stunsDamage: 12


Using this in PVP will cause a few laughs. On a serious note, though, it is a decent option to use in a bind.

Spell Type: CurseLocation: GreenhouseEffect: Forces the target to dance


Pulls all opponents into a black hole that appears. One of the best crowd control spells in the game, and a terrific spell to combo with AOE attack spells.

Spell Type: AttackLocation: Teacher’s Lounge RoofEffect: Creates a vacuum effectCost: 12 Orbs


Another brilliant crowd control spell, but a more defensive option than Vacuus.

Spell Type: DefenseLocation: Transfiguration CourtyardEffect: Create a tornado that pushes back all nearby opponents

Wingardium Leviosa

One of the best utility spells in the game. Lift objects and put them somewhere else.

Spell Type: CharmLocation: StarterEffect: Lifts objects


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