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Our Roblox The Classic Event Games guide is here to tell you what games are making an appearance in the current Roblox The Classic Event!

To play the game for yourself, visit the official Roblox website. We also have a Roblox The Classic Wardrobe Secret guide as well as a Roblox Classic Character Doors Guide

Roblox The Classic Event Games

When you spawn into the game and walk straight ahead, you will find a variety of different doors. Walking up to a door will tell you the name of the game. From there, simply walk through the chosen door to start playing.

All Games In The Event

Below is a list of all the current games that are participating in the Roblox The Classic event

Adopt Me! – Adopt pets and raise themArsenal – Collect weaponsA Dusty Trip – Explore the desertBee Swarm Simulator – Grow an army of beesBlade Ball – Think of dodgeball and ninjas mixed into one. Use ninja moves to block oncoming handballsBedWars – Destroy your opponents bedClip It – Turn Roblox content into videosDress To Impress – It’s in the name… dress to impress!Dragon Adventures – Tame a dragonDriving Empire – Choose, customise, and race carsRestaurant Tycoon 2 – Build and run your very own restaurantGunfight Arena – Kill as many as you can in battleLivetopia – Teleport into a new world to live your dreams! Have your dream car, job, house, and more.Tower Defense Simulator – Build and defend your very own towerToilet Tower Defense – Build and defend your toilet

How To Play

To be a part of the Roblox The Classic event you need to play each of these games. Each game offers unique rewards, quests, and items. The event engins on the 23rd May, 2024, and is rumoured to last about a week. So make sure you get playing so you can pick up any rewards!


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