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Searching for a Rogue Demon tier list? You’ve found it! You can find each Breathing Style and Blood Art in the game ranked from S-tier to D-tier down below. Make sure to bookmark this guide, as I plan to update this tier list when new Breathing Styles and Blood Art abilities are added to the game!

Rogue Demon is a Roblox game that draws inspiration from the hit anime series, Demon Slayer. You play as a demon or demon slayer and have to head out on an adventure across the world to become the most powerful fighter. There are abilities to unlock, which can help you develop your own combat style. If you’re a fan of Roblox RPGs and Demon Slayer, this game will be a dream come true.

For more information about Rogue Demon, visit the game’s official Roblox page and check out our Rogue Demon codes guide. On the hunt for new Roblox games? We’ve got plenty of guides that cover a ton of popular titles! Take a look at our Demon Slayer Legacy Breathing tier list, Jujutsu Chronicles Weapons guide, and our Jujutsu Chronicles Clans guide.

Rogue Demon Tier List

Let’s rank each Breathing Style and Blood Art in the game so far!

S Tier

Arrow Blood Demon ArtWater BreathingBlood Sickles Blood Demon ArtFlame Breathing

A Tier

Akaza Blood Demon ArtTemari Blood Demon ArtNezuko Blood Demon ArtSound BreathingBeast Breathing

B Tier

Thunder BreathingString Blood Demon ArtPyrokinesis Blood Demon ArtHinokami KaguraInsect Breathing

C Tier

Sun BreathingShockwave Blood Demon ArtTemari Blood Demon Art

D Tier

There are no abilities in D-tier at the moment!

Rogue Demon Breathing Styles

Water BreathingThunder BreathingFlame BreathingInsect BreathingSound BreathingBeast BreathingHinokami Kagura

Rogue Demon Blood Demon Arts

Arrow Blood Demon ArtTemari Blood Demon ArtShockwave Blood Demon ArtBlood Sickles Blood Demon ArtPyrokinesis Blood Demon Art

But What Does Each Tier Mean?

Now that you know where each ability has been ranked, how were they sorted into their tiers?

S Tier: The best of the best! These Blood Art abilities and Breathing Styles are the strongest ones to obtain in the game at the momentA Tier: Almost the best! They’re a bit weaker when compared to those in S-tier, but they’re still worth obtainingB Tier: This is where it starts getting average. The Blood Art abilities and Breathing Styles in this tier are definitely not the strongest, but there’s no shame in using them if you don’t have an A-tier or S-tierC Tier: Way below average! Try not to utilise any of these abilities, especially if you want to enjoy the gameD Tier: What can I say about these abilities? They’re the absolute worst in the game – avoid!


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