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Using my Rogue Ninja Characters Guide you can choose the best unit to be in battle. Rogue Ninja takes inspiration from Naruto and is a battleground experience where you become a ninja and free for all against others. Using accumulated coins you can accessorise and unlock new Ninjas. So, you’ll only want to select the best.

Check out Rogue Ninja over on Roblox. For more Rogue Ninja content, have a browse at our Rogue Ninja Codes guide which gives you a nifty boost! If you’re a fan of Naruto-inspired titles, we also have an Anime Switch Tier List which features some familiar faces!

Rogue Ninja Characters Guide

Every character within Rogue Ninja has 2 special abilities alongside the default attacks and an ultimate move. Now, let’s get into each Ninja in the game so far and what makes them so special!

Noodle Ninja

The Naruto Ninja. This choice is the default and is given to every player on joining, that isn’t to say the default is bad. The Noodle Ninja’s two special moves consist of a long-ranged attack where the user throws a shadow clone at a target. This deals impact damage with no lingering effects and has a 15-second cooldown.

The second move also prides itself on long-range and is far more destructive. This move throws a spinning shuriken bomb where your mouse is aiming which deals AoE damage and a temporary ragdoll. This move has a 25-second cooldown. Both moves have variants so if you combo assist and follow up with a special move they can be used in close-range and will deal more damage.

Noodle Ninja’s ultimate burns through all the player’s chakra, launching a target into the air whilst in the kitsune form and slamming them into the ground. Then, whilst airborne the user will beam them which typically KOs the enemy.

Shark Ninja

The Kisame-inspired Ninja! The first skill of this moveset has a 15-second cooldown between uses and lunges multiple shark charka projectiles at an enemy. This deals small blows consecutively and some knockback. The second move has a 20-second cooldown and has the player disappear into the ground and reemerge coated in a shark chakra which bites the enemy dealing huge damage. This move also guard breaks which makes it incredibly versatile in combat, as well as doubles to chase or evade opponents. Like the other Ninjas, the two special moves enhance with combos.

The ultimate move of this character pushes the enemy inside an inescapable bubble with sharks which bite over and over dealing huge damage and having a small stun once they leave. Another interesting thing about this lineage is that the sword steals chakra from enemies and feeds it to the player as they attack!

Ghost Ninja

This Ninja takes its move inspiration from Madara. The first special move is a susanoo uptilt, gripping the opponent with a blue ghostly hand, raising them in the air and then slamming them. This move deals the majority of its damage during the grip and is close-range. It has a 15-second cooldown between uses.

The second move is a fireball which has a longer cooldown of 25 seconds. This move duals versatility, being performed close or long-range, however, doesn’t have a burn linger. Much like the other Ninjas, the two special moves enhance with combos.

Finally, the ultimate for the Ghost Ninja. This moveset shows a cut scene with a top-down view of a large boulder slamming down on top of the enemy dealing massive damage to the target and AoE.

Sand Ninja

This Ninja is based on Gara from Naruto. His first skill is a Sandstorm which targets one enemy dealing small damage consecutively for a few seconds, and this move has a 15-second cooldown. The second skill is Sand Coffin, encasing a target in the sand whilst the user deals with consecutive punches until all the sand is beaten away. As expected, this move has a 25-second cooldown. The two special moves enhance with combos.

Finally, the ultimate move. This destructive move has a huge AoE where the player glides around to collect targets. After a few seconds, the AoE radius is locked in. Next, a large sand beast emerges to crush anyone within the circle dealing massive damage.


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