Silent Hill 2 Remake Hasn’t Been Seen For Over A Year, And Bloober Team Is Responding To Fans About The Lack Of Updates

Silent Hill 2 Remake developer Bloober Team has been hit by a wave of fans asking for updates on the highly anticipated survival horror title, seeing as how it was announced back in October 2022 and we’ve seen nothing on the game since.

One user asked about the lack of updates on the game, enquiring if it was up to Konami on when we’ll see more details. In response, Bloober Team replied, “Konami is the publisher of the game and communication is definitely part of their job.”

Another one asked outright if Silent Hill 2 Remake had been cancelled, to which the developer responded with a gif of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from Pirates of the Caribbean with the words “not true.”

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Silent Hill 2 Remake was announced during Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission in October 2022, and while Bloober Team has touched on the game in various interviews in the months that followed, we haven’t seen any new footage or screenshots since the debut trailer.

Recently Best Buy posted up a preorder page for the game which mentioned a Pyramid Head origins story, but Konami soon issued a statement saying the retailer had the ‘incorrect info.’

Silent Hill 2 Remake is in development for PS5 and PC.

[Source – Bloober Team on Twitter via PSLS]

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