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Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and The Forest Combine in Upcoming Survival Horror, Hauntsville – Gamezebo


Silent Hill and Resident Evil are arguably two of the most successful horror franchises in the gaming sphere. Hauntsville combines elements from both but adds a little twist! You need to build your own base, either by yourself or with friends, and strive to survive as you explore the village.

For more information about Hauntsville, you can visit the game’s official Steam page – make sure to add it to your wishlist! There isn’t a release date at the moment, but I predict it’ll be out in Q1 2024. After all, the game already looks incredibly polished.

Survival Horror at it’s Finest

It’s got the murky loneliness of Silent Hill, the terrifyingly demonic monsters of Resident Evil, and the multiplayer survival elements of The Forest. Basically, there’s something for everyone! As you wander through the village of Hauntsville, you’ll come across the dense forest where creatures hide in the shadows – or they’ll come straight to you. Visually, the different environments are quite stunning, with flowing rivers and rocky mountains surrounding the almost picture-perfect destination.

Don’t forget to stake out where you’ll be sleeping for the night, as the horrific monsters like to prey on the weak once the sun goes down. You can either opt for a melee weapon or a gun, but choose wisely. Long-ranged guns allow you to stay a fair distance away from enemies, but short-range guns pack a real punch.

Loot and Shoot!

All survival games feature the constant hunt for bullets, and Hauntsville is no different. While you’re trying to avoid the dangerous creatures, you also need to search high and low for resources and new weapons. To build a base, you’re going to need some wood and other materials – plus, you need to stay hydrated and fed. There are a ton of factors to take into consideration as you delve into this looter shooter, so stay prepared at all times!

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