Silicon trench capacitors save space in wearables


ROHM BTD1RVFL silicon capacitors

“The mounting area is reduced by approximately 55% over general 0201 [0603 metric] products to just 0.08mm2.” according to the company. “Moreover, a built-in transient voltage suppressor protection element ensures high ESD resistance.”

They are rated at 3.6V, with the internal bi-directional TVS breaking down between 8.2 and 9.2V.

Rohm silicon trench capacitor

Trenching is used to increase capacitance per unit area, and, being made from silicon, the devices step outside the usual three-character ceramic capacitor temperature coefficient labelling system. Operation is over -55 to +150°C with a ±250ppm/°C coefficient. Capacitance tolerance is ±15%.

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