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Looking for the latest Slayers Unleashed codes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we round up the most recent active codes that you can redeem in-game for freebies. We keep it updated too, as often as there are new codes, so we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back frequently. That way, you’ll never miss out on free stuff.

Slayers Unleashed is a Roblox game that draws inspiration from the anime series Demon Slayer. You explore a dangerous world, customising your character, levelling them up, and increasing their power. If you like Roblox RPGs that draw inspiration from anime series, you’ll love this one.

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Slayers Unleashed Codes

Last checked for new codes on March 3.

;code UpdateMarkReroll – Slayer Mark Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateMarkReroll2 – Slayer Mark Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateMarkReroll3 – Slayer Mark Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateMarkReroll4 – Slayer Mark Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateMarkReroll5 – Slayer Mark Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateExpBoost – Experience Boost (New!) ;code UpdateExpBoost2 – Experience Boost (New!) ;code UpdateExpBoost3 – Experience Boost (New!) ;code UpdateExpBoost4 – Experience Boost (New!) ;code UpdateExpBoost5 – Experience Boost (New!) ;code UpdateStatReset – Stat Reset (New!) ;code UpdateStatReset2 – Stat Reset (New!) ;code UpdateStatReset3 – Stat Reset (New!) ;code UpdateStatReset4 – Stat Reset (New!) ;code UpdateStatReset5 – Stat Reset (New!) ;code UpdateClanReroll – Clan Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateClanReroll2 – Clan Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateClanReroll3 – Clan Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateClanReroll4 – Clan Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateClanReroll5 – Clan Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBreathingReroll – Breathing Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBreathingReroll2 – Breathing Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBreathingReroll3 – Breathing Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBreathingReroll4 – Breathing Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBreathingReroll5 – Breathing Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBreathingReroll6 – Breathing Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBreathingReroll7 – Breathing Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBreathingReroll8 – Breathing Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateRaceReroll – Race Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateRaceReroll2 – Race Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateRaceReroll3 – Race Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateRaceReroll4 – Race Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateRaceReroll5 – Race Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBDAReroll – Demon Art Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBDAReroll2 – Demon Art Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBDAReroll3 – Demon Art Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBDAReroll4 – Demon Art Reroll (New!) ;code UpdateBDAReroll5 – Demon Art Reroll (New!) ;code PreUpdateMarkReroll2 – Slayer Mark Reroll (New!) ;code PreUpdateMarkReroll3 – Slayer Mark Reroll (New!) ;code PreUpdateExpBoost2 – Experience Boost (New!) ;code PreUpdateExpBoost3 – Experience Boost (New!) ;code PreUpdateClanReroll2 – Clan Reroll (New!) ;code PreUpdateClanReroll3 – Clan Reroll (New!) ;code PreUpdateBreathingReroll2 – Breathing Reroll (New!) ;code PreUpdateBreathingReroll3 – Breathing Reroll (New!) ;code PreUpdateBDAReroll – Demon Art Reroll (New!) ;code PreUpdateBDAReroll2 – Demon Art Reroll (New!) ;code PreUpdateStatReset2 – Stat Reset (New!) ;code PreUpdateStatReset3 – Stat Reset (New!) ValExpBoost – XP Boost ValResetPoints1 – Points Reset ClanRerollVal2 – Clan Reroll ClanRerollVal3 – Clan Reroll ClanRerollVal4 – Clan Reroll RaceRerollVal1 – Race Reroll RaceRerollVal2 – Race Reroll RaceRerollVal3 – Race Reroll RaceRerollVal4 – Race Reroll BreathingValReset1 – Breathing Reset BreathingValReset2 – Breathing Reset DemonArtValReset1 – Demon Art Reset DemonArtValReset1 – Demon Art Reset FillerDemonArtReset1 – Demon Art Reset FillerDemonArtReset2 – Demon Art Reset FillerDemonArtReset3 – Demon Art Reset FillerBreathingReset1 – Breathing Reset FillerBreathingReset2 – Breathing Reset FillerBreathingReset3 – Breathing Reset FillerRaceReroll1 – Race Reroll FillerRaceReroll2 – Race Reroll FillerRaceReroll3 – Race Reroll FillerRaceReroll4 – Race Reroll FillerRaceReroll5 – Race Reroll FillerClanReroll1 – Clan Reroll FillerClanReroll2 – Clan Reroll FillerClanReroll3 – Clan Reroll FillerClanReroll4 – Clan Reroll FillerClanReroll5 – Clan Reroll ClanReroll1 – Clan Reroll ClanReroll2 – Clan Reroll ClanReroll3 – Clan Reroll ClanReroll4 – Clan Reroll ClanReroll5 – Clan Reroll 4xExp – XP Boost ResetPoints – Stat Points Reset Breathing1Summer – Breathing Reset Breathing2Summer – Breathing Reset Breathing3Summer – Breathing Reset Demon1Summer – Demon Art Reset Demon2Summer – Demon Art Reset Demon3Summer – Demon Art Reset 1YRBREATHING1 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING2 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING3 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING4 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING5 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING6 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING7 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING8 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING9 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING10 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING11 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING12 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING13 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING14 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING15 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING16 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING17 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING18 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING19 – Breathing Reset 1YRBREATHING20 – Breathing Reset 1YRBDA1 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA2 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA3 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA4 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA5 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA6 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA7 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA8 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA9 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA10 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA11 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA12 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA13 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA14 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA15 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA16 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA17 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA18 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA19 – Demon Art Reset 1YRBDA20 – Demon Art Reset 1YR_RACE1 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE2 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE3 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE4 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE5 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE6 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE7 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE8 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE9 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE10 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE11 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE12 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE13 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE14 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE15 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE16 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE17 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE18 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE19 – Race Reroll 1YR_RACE20 – Race Reroll 1YR_CLAN1 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN2 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN3 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN4 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN5 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN6 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN7 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN8 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN9 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN10 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN11 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN12 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN13 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN14 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN15 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN16 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN17 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN18 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN19 – Clan Reroll 1YR_CLAN20 – Clan Reroll 1YR_MARK1 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK2 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK3 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK4 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK5 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK6 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK7 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK8 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK9 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK10 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK11 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK12 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK13 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK14 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK15 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK16 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK17 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK18 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK19 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1YR_MARK20 – Slayer Mark Reroll 1yearreset – Stat Reset ;code potential1 – Demon Art Reset ;code potential2 – Demon Art Reset ;code potential3 – Demon Art Reset ;code potential4 – Demon Art Reset ;code potential5 – Demon Art Reset ;code potential6 – Demon Art Reset ;code potential7 – Demon Art Reset ;code potential8 – Demon Art Reset ;code toppower1 – Breathing Reset ;code toppower2 – Breathing Reset ;code toppower3 – Breathing Reset ;code toppower4 – Breathing Reset ;code toppower5 – Breathing Reset ;code toppower6 – Breathing Reset ;code toppower7 – Breathing Reset ;code toppower8 – Breathing Reset ;code eldenRing1 – Race Reroll ;code eldenRing2 – Race Reroll ;code eldenRing3 – Race Reroll ;code eldenRing4 – Race Reroll ;code eldenRing5 – Race Reroll ;code eldenRing6 – Race Reroll ;code eldenRing7 – Race Reroll ;code eldenRing8 – Race Reroll ;code humanKing1 – Clan Reroll ;code humanKing2 – Clan Reroll ;code humanKing3 – Clan Reroll ;code humanKing4 – Clan Reroll ;code humanKing5 – Clan Reroll ;code humanKing6 – Clan Reroll ;code humanKing7 – Clan Reroll ;code humanKing8 – Clan Reroll ;code slayerPog1 – Slayer Mark Reroll ;code slayerPog2 – Slayer Mark Reroll ;code slayerPog3 – Slayer Mark Reroll ;code slayerPog4 – Slayer Mark Reroll ;code slayerPog5 – Slayer Mark Reroll ;code slayerPog6 – Slayer Mark Reroll ;code slayerPog7 – Slayer Mark Reroll ;code slayerPog8 – Slayer Mark Reroll ;code reset_all_stat – Stat Reset

Slayers Unleashed Codes FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you might have about Slayers Unleashed or codes in general.

What Are Codes?

Codes are how developers and publishers distribute free gifts to their communities. They usually take the form of a combination of numbers and letters that you redeem in-game to get free stuff.

These freebies can take many forms, from in-game currency, to skins, to boosts. They often drop around major events, like launches or updates, and stick around for a little while before expiring.

How do I Redeem Slayers Unleashed Codes?

Redeeming codes is simple. Just follow these steps to get your freebies:

Launch Roblox and boot up Slayers Unleashed Copy a code from above and paste it into the chat Say it to get your freebies

Where Can I Get More Codes?

We keep this article updated as often as there are new codes, so we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often. That way, you’ll never miss out on a freebie.

Alternatively, you can join the official Discord to occasionally get codes directly from the developer.

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