Sonic Superstars sits at 75 on Metacritic

The reviews have been trickling in for the long-awaited upcoming 2D platformer in the classic Sonic the Hedgehog series, Sonic Superstars. Sonic Superstars currently has 26 critic reviews on Metacritic and a Metascore of 75 on PlayStation 5, which seems to be the default version given out to reviewers by SEGA. Here’s a taster of some of the reviews for Sonic Superstars which are decidedly mixed. Sonic Superstars launches on multiple platforms including the Switch this Tuesday, October 17th.

“Fortunately, Sonic Superstars is mostly a really good time, and gets better the more that you play it. There are loads of interactive scenery elements and an emphasis on pinball bumpers, which was always one of the best things about Sonic games in the early ’90s. The quality of background scenery varies, occasionally absolutely wowing, like the sumptuous first level and the absolutely charming voxels of Cyber Station. Conversely, the likes of Golden Capital with its floating platforms and flat walls sometimes look and feel more like the 3DS version of Sonic Generations, which isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. It at least always runs smoothly on the PS5 version I tested, but if only it could all look and feel like it does in its best moments, Superstars would be an all-time classic.”

“Sonic Superstars is a very nice game, faithful to the original side-scrolling classics while catering for modern tastes very well. While there are some frustrations and an inconsistent air of quality across its 12 zones, it is fundamentally well produced, brimming with things to do and modes to play. While not quite exhibiting the masterful level design of Sonic Mania, we nonetheless have another properly good Sonic game on our hands.”

Games Radar+ 4/5

“I don’t think any of the new stages will crack the top of my list of all-time Sonic favorites, but there are a lot of great additions to the series here, and I enjoyed that each one has a cool quirk to it. One has a giant snake burrowing throughout the level that gives you a slight bounce when moving along it, while another has patches of thick fog that obscure your vision, and the only way to gain partial vision is by running through a group of butterflies that follow and help illuminate the way. Golden Capital was a particular standout by having you flip the stage, swapping between the foreground and background, and showering you with rings every step. I also really enjoyed Lagoon City, which felt like a giant water theme park and made the best use of the new water power granted by one of the Chaos Emeralds. Things like this made me hope to see similar creativity in future 2D sonic games.”

“I started hedgehog over heels for Sonic Superstars, but the more time I put into it, the easier it was for me to see its Eggman-sized flaws. The decision to focus more on exploration was a great idea on paper and creates a unique dynamic to each level, but I wish it hadn’t sacrificed speed in exchange. The boss designs are creative and clever, but often wear out their welcome with long periods of being untargetable and occasionally frustrating one-hit KO mechanics. The soundtrack may not have anything as iconic as Hydro City or Spring Yard Zone, but it features some excellent additions to an already long list of Sonic bangers – if only the sound design was up to the same quality standard. And while the campaign is still enjoyable, Superstars’ multiplayer components are far worse options than anything in past Sonic games. Like digging Emeralds out of the rough, Sonic Superstars’ new ideas end up feeling like a mix of both interesting and ill-advised, making it an amusing Sonic game but not exactly a Super one.”

IGN 7/10

“The question, then, is if that new stuff is any good. And, well, it’s a cliche, but it’s a mix. Some of this new stuff really lands, and some of it feels half-baked, or (worse still) disruptive of the classic Sonic formula.”

“In its core mission, Sonic Superstars is successful. It recreates the foundation of 2D Sonic – some of the finest platformers ever made – well. Unfortunately, the new elements layered atop that are rather hit-or-miss. I personally don’t think this is anywhere near as good as Mania. But it’s good. In fact, it’s good enough that I expect fan debate about which game is superior to be fairly heated – which is a sure-fire sign that Sega is on the right track.”

VG247 3/4

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