Sony PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for April 2023 To Include Meet Your Maker as Day 1 Release


Meet Your Maker is an upcoming post-apocalyptic first-person building-and-raiding game developed by the team behind Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive.

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Meet Your Maker will launch on April 4, 2023, and PlayStation Plus players can rejoice, as it will be available to plays as a Day 1 release.

The game has excited many players as it focuses on user-generated content. Players can bring out their creative instincts to build some of the most sturdy and challenging fortresses to protect your Genmat from the other players. On the other hand, players will also have to work hard with their teammates in order to raid the bases of other players in the game.

Genmat is the most valuable resource in the game, and players will have to test out different build patterns in order to hide their treasure. Players can decide the way they want to build a dungeon. The player’s creativity is the only limiting factor in the game.

Similarly, there are different approaches for raiding too. Players can have a sneaky and stealthy approach, or they could just speedrun through it. Moreover, players can even hassle the builder by completing every room, breaking every trap, defeating every guard and obliterating the opponent’s build.

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