Speculations Swarm Following Toys For Bob Website Update

Only a few months after Crash and Spyro developer Toys For Bob broke off from parent company Activision, a new update to their website has the internet swarming with speculations.

Per Xbox Nerds, visitors to the TFB official website are greeted with a black screen showcasing a new purple tiki mask logo. That’s the only thing on the website as of this article’s posting. There is nothing else to click on, not even the tiki logo is clickable. While this display may just be a straightforward logo update for the studio, can one really blame the internet for taking this as a cryptic hint for TFB’s next project?

Due to the Toys for Bob logo showing a tiki mask instead of any other object, some immediately took this as a hint to an upcoming Crash Bandicoot title. After all, one of the most recognizable characters in the Crash franchise is Aku Aku, a talking tiki mask himself (among a few other tiki mask characters). Then again, others have taken the purple color scheme of the logo as a nod to Spyro, possibly providing additional reason to believe in the Spyro 4 speculations.

Whether the logo change is a simple update or a hint on TFB’s first project as a newly independent studio, it may be better to simply wait until the studio itself comes out with an official response to the website update.

Do you believe the logo update points to the next TFB project, or is this just a simple logo/website update? Let us know your thoughts below!

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