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Spirited Away Meets Stardew Valley In Spirittea, Out Soon! – Gamezebo


Cozy gamers gather around, Spirittea is ready to launch this November 13th! Invite yourself to this whimsical pixelated adventure inspired by the cozy-titans Spirited Away and Stardew Valley. It’s evident this game was made with heart and soul over the four years it took to develop. Which, you can see for yourself in the game trailer below.

The Spiritteaser!

Spirittea enlists you to run a supernatural bathhouse after your hunt for inspiration for the book you are writing is put on pause. But what is more inspiring than tending to the need for shapely spirits? You are the sole person who can see and interact with these ghostly entities, and one thing is for certain… They are cranky! In hopes of settling them so that humans and spirits can live in peace, you begin to operate a bathhouse to help them chill out.

Outside of your new management career lies plenty of life-sim explorations where you can meet and evolve your relationship with NPCs. The interesting folk you befriend exchange duties for inspiration as you complete little quests for them during your day-to-day. From fishing to drinks pouring, to karaoke and bug catching there are a ton of hands-on tasks to enjoy. Don’t forget about the pesky problems that the spirits face within the bathhouse! Boy, there sure is a lot to take care of.



I’m sure it’s obvious by now why I mentioned the ties to Spirited Away and Stardew Valley! If only all these inspirations for the game were useful for that book you’re writing… Oh well! Whether or not you ever get around to writing that book is a quest only you can go on when the game launches later this month!

You can check out Spirittea over on Steam right now! Be sure to wishlist it and check back for when the game has launched. In the meantime whilst you wait for its arrival, why not check out our other news? Star Ocean: The Second Story R Launches Today


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