Stardew Valley meets Starfield in this cozy new survival game

Honeycomb The World Beyond is shaping up to be one of my most highly anticipated games, and I’ve only recently learned about it. If you know Frozen Way, an indie developer best known for its work on House Flipper, then you know how cozy anything it touches turns out to be. The new survival game is no exception, featuring wholesome Stardew Valley-like vibes mixed with Starfield’s sci-fi setting.

I never thought I’d compare those two games, but Honeycomb has me doing just that. The survival game is unique, as it’s not anything like the genre’s usual go-to entries such as Rust. Frozen Way sets the stage for Honeycomb on a biome-rich alien planet called Sota7, where you can bioengineer, craft, explore, experiment, and gather.

If the word ‘bioengineer’ caught your eye, don’t worry, it caught mine as well. You can actually crossbreed animals and plants in Honeycomb, all while conducting experiments to create brand-new species. It’s not like Starfield where you just scan a planet’s lifeforms and move on. Instead, you’ll get to wombo-combo the flora and fauna as you wish.

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I’ve not seen this kind of feature in any other sandbox or survival game I’ve played, except for entirely DNA-focused ones like Niche. You’ll get to set up a laboratory to conduct all of this research too, which is one of the game’s more Stardew-esque areas. Your laboratory doubles as your in-game base, and you can customize it as you feel and give it a sci-fi spin.

As someone with way too many Stardew farm-customization mods, this is what I’m looking forward to most aside from bioengineering. I have faith in Frozen Way when it comes to base building since House Flipper and its DLC rock. I sadly won’t find out how the developer’s new game comes together until it arrives in 2024. For now, we can wishlist Honeycomb on Steam to keep up with the dev’s updates.

While you wait for Honeycomb to release, you can look through a few of our other favorite games like Stardew Valley. You may just find your go-to cozy experience. Alternatively, you can browse around a few of these creativity-inducing sandbox games to get a taste of the very freedom you can see coming with Honeycomb.

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