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Let’s get stuck into my Sticky Business Switch Review. This title was on my radar for quite some time, and as someone who adores crafting and often does digital art, I thought the idea behind this game was incredibly unique. Before I even launched the game I got the initial vibe that Sticky Business was tailored to cutesy aesthetic shops…not my style. I challenged myself to really think outside of the box with my sticker designs and make them as emo as possible (with a touch of One Piece and Jester inspiration).

My stubbornness played in favour of my admiration for Sticky Business, as I had so much fun designing stickers and challenging my creativity. That is unless we account for my uncreative shop name, Sticker Piece.

Look, I’m no pun artist, and I’m not immune to yapping about One Piece. Speaking of One Piece, one piece of criticism I had for this game are the controls. 

The Controls Didn’t Stick!

Now, I don’t want to thrust a downer on this review, since all in all I had a lot of fun. But if I get over the sucker punch now, I can hype the game up again before the conclusion. Put simply, I found the controls to be a little strange.

Sticky Business isn’t a difficult game at all, so the controls shouldn’t have felt so strange. It took me an embarrassingly long time to get to grips with when I was allowed to use the buttons vs thumbsticks, depending on what part of the game I was interacting with. They weren’t fluidly interchangeable which I did check through the game settings. The only alternative was to turn on the touchscreen which felt less compatible with smooth gameplay.

Not a deal breaker as over time I did get used to its functionality. It’s just a shame since the touchscreen option felt even less user-friendly as making symmetrical stickers was nightmarish! But controls over dramatics aside, let’s get back to the game itself. 

So, What Did I Think Of The Game?

Sticky Business offers such a zen and relaxing experience. I liked how the game offered options for your business depending on whether you want time constraints or not. I decided to play on normal mode and found that I still had tons of time to craft stickers, print, pack orders and deliver them. Luckily for me, I haven’t had any missed or late deliveries!

I also adored my chatty customers, I loved reading their messages over my stickers and how they’ll be put to use. As someone who loves supporting small businesses, being on the receiving end felt so rewarding and prideful – even if it isn’t reality. Cruelly, however, I had a bias towards my chatty customers and would always give those sweets, and never bothered with the others. Oops.

Using the message system, I found that I could control if I wanted a busy or slow day which was hugely helpful. If I needed a little more time to craft stickers or earn just a little bit more hearts for the new kit, I could check the messages and see what customers I’m yet to meet are hinting towards, then launch something uninteresting to them. This goes both ways as I obviously figured out I could also have a fulfilling day to cram in orders and chat with the new customers based on their requests. The characters that did chat had such diverse interests and personalities despite never directly talking to me, the shop owner. It really gave a sense of community and accomplishment that my designs meant so much to these digital friends.

Image shows a popup page of customers who closely interact with the shop spread out like a message forum

Will I Remain In Business?

Okay, let’s get down to (Sticky) business on my final thoughts. I truly enjoyed playing this game, it’s well-paced, rewarding, endearing and simple. A few years ago I used to upload designs on RedBubble, though between that and my faux small business empire, I had way more fun on Sticky Business. I got to live out my entrepreneurial dreams and fully tailor the experience to my vibe whilst interacting more closely with my customers. As you can tell, I’m super delusional about the folks I met while crafting my brand.

To conclude this Sticky Business Switch Review, I want to firstly thank the DEVs for letting me sample this game, it’s one that’ll definitely stick with me (hah!). I found this title to be very versatile and progress can be made in a short playthrough, or a more dedicated sitting. For most of my sessions, I’d sit out in the sun after work and tend to my shop until dinnertime.

Whether I had 20 minutes, or a few hours, I always got a lot done in-game. New shop cosmetics, sticker colours, packaging options, and of course, sticker designs. I luckily got to enjoy some warm weather, I can easily see Sticky Business being a snug game during the colder months too wrapped under a blanket.

Ultimately, Sticky Business has perfected the art of relaxation whenever you need to take a break from the hustle bustle of reality.

image shows a collection of stickers created by myself in my shop during its early stages of development
image shows a sticker design of a dinosaur eating its last meal as an asteroid is plummeting towards him. Sorry.

If my review has convinced you to check out Sticky Business, you can find it over on the Switch Store, or Steam. Alternatively, if you just like idly reading reviews, check out my coworkers thoughts on Tengoku Struggle Strayside.


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The good

Fitting for multiple aestheticsCharming, sweet and simpleRewarding gameplaySuper relaxing

The bad

Strange controls, but not a deal breaker

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