Super Mario Bros. 2 Movie Predictions & Post Credits, Explained

Image: Nintendo; Illumination Entertainment & Universal Pictures

The Super Maro Bros. Movie is finally here, and it’s already poised to become one of the most successful films of 2023. While neither Nintendo nor Illumination Entertainment has confirmed whether The Super Mario Bros Movie is the start of a franchise, a post-credits scene lays the groundwork for a sequel. Here’s everything you need to know about The Super Mario Bros Movie‘s post-credits scene and what it could mean for the Italian Plumber’s cinematic future.

The Super Mario Bros Movie’s Post-Credits Scenes, Explained

Image: Nintendo; Illumination Entertainment & Universal Pictures

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has two post-credits scenes. The first shows Jack Black’s Bowser, who was shrunken by a Poison Mushroom following his destructive, reality-crossing final battle with Chriss Pratt’s Mario and Charlie Day’s Luigi, singing a comedically somber ballade dedicated to Anya Taylor-Joy’s Princess Peach from his prison cell. Unfortunately, the catchy number is interrupted by the Koopa King’s Toad jailer, who tells the irate villain it’s his bedtime.

After the credits roll, a second post-credits scene returns to Brooklyn’s devastated sewer system. The camera settles on a green-spotted egg laying amid the debris, which begins to hatch, Just before the film cuts to black, a high-pitched voice yells out “Yoshi!”

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How The Super Mario Bros. Movie Hints at a Sequal

While the identity of the egg’s occupant may be a mystery to some viewers, most Nintendo fans will instantly recognize this scene as the cinematic debut of Yoshi, Mario’s faithful dinosaur sidekick. Earlier in the film, several Yoshi could be seen in the background as Mario and Peach traveled to the Kong Kingdom, and an egg similar to the one that appears in the post-credits scene was shown as a gift during Bowser and Peach’s botched wedding.

With his introduction closing out The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it’s clear that Yoshi will play a role in a potential sequel. Of course, Yoshi isn’t the only story thread that could be explored in a second The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Given his legendary stubbornness and the fact that his army is still very much intact, it’s not hard to imagine that Bowser could escape his imprisonment to exact revenge on Mario for ruining his plans.

The New Super Mario Bros. Movie also leaves the question of Peach’s origin unanswered. While the film heavily implies that Peach traveled from the Earth to the Mushroom Kingdom as a child, it doesn’t reveal who her parents were or how her arrival in the land she would one day rule played out. This compelling mystery, and her burgeoning romance with Mario, could serve as the main plot point of a sequel.

– This article was updated on April 5th, 2023

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