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Sweet Dating Sim Miracle Snack Shop Coming to Xbox Series X|S


Publisher CFK announced that the dating simulator/visual novel Miracle Snack Shop will soon be released for Xbox Series X|S. 

The game will launch exclusively digitally on Microsoft’s consoles on May 26, and that’s quite cool considering that Xbox doesn’t have many visual novels.

Originally developed by Korean developer TALESshop, Miracle Snack Shop is known for its charming story, beautiful heroines, and lovely art, and has received “overwhelmingly positive” aggregated reviews on Steam. it was released for PC via Steam all the way into 2018 and then for Nintendo Switch at the end of 2021. A PS4 version followed earlier this year. 

The game comes with English text and voices in Korean and Japanese. The Korean track features Hyewon Jeong as Philia and Mi Jang as Mira. The Japanese track has Marie Miyake (Cirina in Final Fantasy XIV and Avrora/Ning Hai in Azur Lane) play Philia’s Role, while Mai Ishihara (Sofina in Ange Vierge and Orange Pekoe/Suzuki in Girls und Panzer) plays Mira. 

You can watch a trailer below.

Miracle Snack Shop tells the story of Seolhwa Cha, a young man whose life takes a sudden turn, leading him to become the proprietor of a snack shop. However, everything changes when a magical portal materializes in the attic and the queen of an icy realm appears through it. Our protagonist suddenly faces the challenge of balancing his affections and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Within the gameplay, you are prompted to enhance the protagonist’s culinary abilities, acquire new recipes, and elevate the business’s popularity by improving its quality and organizing promotional events. Additionally, you must make choices that influence the romantic relationships with the two female leads. You can unlock various endings and enjoy the gallery mode where you can appreciate the game’s lovely artwork.

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