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The 15 Best Notion Widgets You Can Add to Your Setup

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Adding widgets to Notion can increase productivity and enhance project management. Explore options like the Aura Clock widget for easy timekeeping. Indify’s quote widget offers daily inspiration with aesthetic quotes from Instagram accounts, adding beauty to your Notion setup. Utilize widgets like Meteoblue to easily keep track of the weather and plan your day accordingly, all within Notion’s interface.

Notion, in itself, is already immensely helpful for increasing productivity and project management. But if you’re looking to take your setup to the next level, adding widgets is the easiest way to go. Here are some of the best Notion widgets you can try today.

Aura Clock widget in Notion

If you are someone who glances at the time on your laptop whenever you use Notion, having a bigger clock right on your Notion page is a good idea. The Aura Clock widget has a beautiful color gradient scheme and supports all time zones. You can adjust the size of the clock according to your preferences.

To add this (and all the other Notion widgets listed in this post), all you have to do is embed the link on your page. If you’re unsure what embed is, have a read at this guide to Notion terminology.

indify quote notion widget

There’s nothing like reading a quick inspirational message to get you up and motivated in the morning, and that’s exactly what Indify’s quote widget is for.

This widget displays a quote from one of five inspirational Instagram accounts, giving you your daily dose of positivity. Each one has a different aesthetic to fit your page’s theme, and the best part is that it adds to the beauty of your setup, too.

Meteoblue widget in Notion

Keeping tabs on the weather isn’t just about staying dry or avoiding unexpected gusts of wind—it’s a key tool for managing your day, planning trips, and aligning your goals with the mood of the atmosphere. If you want to keep track of the weather without having to access another device or app, you will find a weather widget helpful.

One of the free weather widgets that you can add to your Notion desktop is Meteoblue. Meteoblue not only shows you the current weather and the hourly and daily forecasts, but also lets you view a live map of the selected location with a satellite view.

widgetbox simple calendar notion widget

Using a Notion database view is one way of creating a calendar on your page. But do you really need to go through all that hassle when all you want is a simple calendar where you can see the dates? That’s what makes WidgetBox’s simple calendar a must-have in your setup. You can change the colors of this widget to match your color palette.

aesthetic pomodoro timer notion widget

Pomodoro is a time management technique, where you work for a specific length of time (typically 25 minutes) before taking a break (usually for five minutes).

If you are already using this method, you will be glad to know that you no longer need to set the timer on your phone; just use this Pomodoro timer widget on Notion. It’s easy to add, and you’ll have a pretty Lofi-themed background on your page.

apption giphy notion widget

The Giphy widget allows you to find and embed GIF images into your Notion page. This cute animated picture can add a whole new dimension to your aesthetic, and they’re more fun to look at than plain photos.

Blocs widget for Notion

If you are looking for visually appealing widgets to help you build better habits, blocs is worth checking. It allows you to track your pomodoros, daily habits, water intake, and more in Notion. You can also view your performance insights and statistics to get a better idea of your progress.

Simply select the widget you would like to add to Notion and click on the Copy link button under it. If you are unsure of how it works, the Guide section on the website can help you. This is a paid option with a 14-day free trial.

Google trends widget in Notion

If you are a content creator or just want to stay up-to-date on the trending topics for your region, the Google Trends widget can be of great help. You can view the trending searches, keep an eye on the performance of your own brand/service, and discover new ideas easily.

To add this widget to Notion:

Head over to the Google Trends page and select the information you want to be displayed on the widget. Click on the embed icon and copy the HTML code. Convert the HTML code into a Notion embeddable URL via Apption and then add it to your workspace.

a soft murmur ambient sound notion widget

The perfect pair for your Pomodoro timer widget is some ambient sounds, and the website A Soft Murmur offers you just that. You’ll have a choice of different relaxing sounds like fire, rain, waves, coffee shop, and singing bowl.

The best part about this Notion widget is that you can mix and match the sounds however you like. There’s also a timer on the website, where you can set how long you want the sounds to play.

spotify notion widget

To add some audible flair to your Notion page, consider embedding your favorite Spotify playlist. However, note that this embedded playlist wouldn’t really play the songs in full. You can only listen to a sampler. The playlist is more like a decoration for your page and an easy way to get to the Spotify website (you only have to click the logo on the embed).

shoroukaziz calculator notion widget

You may think that you have no use for a calculator on your Notion page. But there will always come a time when you need to do a quick calculation, and you’re too lazy to open up your phone. It’s best to add this aesthetic calculator widget to your budget tracker page, where you will most likely need numbers assistance.

Schdule builder widget in Notion

Not everyone’s into the whole aesthetic vibe when it comes to habit trackers and schedule builders. If you’re more of a fan of simplicity, like a throwback to the good ol’ 90s, you will appreciate the Schedule Builder widget.

This widget keeps it straightforward. You can create color-coded time blocks with descriptions and a title in a table format. Once you’ve crafted your ideal week, hit the Share button. Copy that HTML code and turn it into a Notion embeddable URL to add the widget successfully.

13. Life Progress Bar by Indify

indify life progress bar notion widget

Indify’s life progress bar shows you six bars indicating how much time there is left in the current year, month, week, day, quarter, and even your life. If you’re dragging yourself through the week and need a little motivation, just look at the Notion progress bar widget and check how close you are to enjoying that weekend.

indify image gallery notion widget

A Notion page isn’t as bright and appealing without photos. You probably already have one or two in your setup, but what if you could add more without cluttering it up?

Check out Indify’s image gallery widget. You can embed multiple photos all at once, and they’re neatly arranged in a gallery style that takes up hardly any space.

Add the countdown widget to Notion

A countdown widget can be of great help if you want to have a visual reminder of the time left until a certain event or deadline. It’s like a virtual timer, keeping you aware and motivated.

The Simple Countdown widget is as straightforward as it sounds. You can customize it with your preferred title and theme. Choose what the timer displays—weeks, days, hours, minutes, or seconds. And here’s a nice touch: you can pick different colors for each part of the countdown to make it visually appealing.

Pair this widget with any one of the different Notion templates for a productive routine to boost your efficiency.

Widgets are not only functional, but they also add some personalization to your Notion setup. This list provides only a few of the many widgets you can embed on your page, and you’ll surely discover more as you build your setup.

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