The best Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand silliness, Korok torturing and fails so far


It’s only been a couple of days and people are already making the craziest crap in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Between the new Ultrahand building, Zonai devices and the recall ability people are constructing, and launching all sorts of things all over the map.

There seems to be a couple of trends forming, things built with Ultrahand that Nintendo probably never imagined people would create…

@soulbanana0 My Gundam Banana One in Zelda tears of the Kingdom#zelda #tearsofthekingdom #switchgames ♬ 原聲 – SoulBanana

Then there’s people torturing the poor Koroks, in so many different ways.

And then there’s the fails, and the close ones

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