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Heading on stage soon? You’ll be looking for a The Idolmaster Shiny Colors Song for Prism Tier List then! There’s a great selection of idol groups, with songs frequently being released (either group or solo tracks!).

The Idolmaster Shiny Colors Song for Prism is the latest rhythm game in the long-running franchise! Each group follows a different music style and visual aesthetic and is made up of 2-5 idols. It’s your job to increase their popularity by performing their songs on stage alongside the idols. This is where the rhythm game aspect comes in!

For more information about the game, visit the official website and follow the official Twitter page! Why not take a look at our Idol Showdown Tier List, HoloCure Tier List, and our HoloCure Collabs guide?

The Idolmaster Shiny Colors Song for Prism Tier List

So, which idol members and songs are the best in the game? Let’s take a look! Plus, if you’d like to find out which songs belong to which idol groups, I’ve made sure to write up a little guide beneath the tier list.

S Tier

No songs or idols in S-tier right now!

A Tier

No songs or idols in A-tier right now!

B Tier

No songs or idols in B-tier right now!

C Tier

No songs or idols in C-tier right now!

D Tier

No songs or idols in D-tier right now!

Idol Groups and Members

Let’s take a look at the idol groups and members! I’ve also included the group songs and solo tracks.

Illumination STARS

Mano SakuragiHiori KazanoMeguru HachimiyaSongsHikari no destinationArritake no Kagayaki de (Mano)

Houkago Climax Girls

Chiyoko SonodaJuri SaijoRinze MorinoNatsuha ArisugawaKaho KomiyaSongsHadashi ja IrarenaiYumesaki After SchoolHanamura Bade (Kaho)


Mamimi TanakaSakuya ShiraseYuika MitsumineKiriko YukokuKogane TsukiokaSongsBabel City GraceAppoint Signal (Kogane)


Luca IkarugaHana SuzukiHaruki IkutaSongs


Amana OsakiTenka OsakiChiyuki KuwayamaSongs


Mikoto AketaNichika NanakusaSongs


Madoka HiguchiKoito FukumaruHinana IchikawaToru AsakuraSongs


Asahi SerizaraFuyuko MayuzumiMei IzumiSongs

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