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TikTok Is Obsessed With Jungle’s ‘Back On 74’


Music videos aren’t quite as relevant as they were back in the MTV era, but sometimes a video goes viral, bolstered by the whims of TikTok’s algorithm.

The music video for Jungle’s “Back on 74” from the album Volcano has spread through the internet like wildfire, accumulating 8.6 million views on YouTube, with TikTok dancers addicted to the song’s distinctive choreography.

The music videos for Cardi B’s “WAP” and Lil Nas X’s “Montero” drew a huge amount of attention (and controversy) because of their elaborate sets and provocative themes, but “Back on 74” has found success through simplicity, strong visuals and immaculate vibes.

The artists of Jungle, an electronic British band, never appear in their own music videos. Instead, the band has cultivated a distinctive aesthetic, marked by one-shot videos featuring a talented, diverse cast of dancers.

“Back on 74” is no exception, a one-shot video that takes place in a studio littered with paintings, boasting dance choreography that appears effortless, yet rehearsed to perfection.

The hashtag #Backon74 currently has more than 141 million views on TikTok, inspiring creators to dance in their kitchens, living rooms and city streets.

Stars like Kim Tae-hyung of BTS (also known as V) and Alex Wong also joined the dance challenge, as did the cast of the international tour of West Side Story.

Directed by Charlie Di Placido and Josh Lloyd, with cinematography by Natasha Duursma, “Back on 74” is a glossy, wistfully nostalgic throwback to the 70s, with many TikTokers comparing the dance to the work of Bob Fosse.

In an interview with the LA Times, “Back on 74” choreographer Shay Latukolan revealed that he wasn’t actually inspired by Fosse, but Michael Jackson, along with The Supremes and The Temptations. Overall, Latukolan says his biggest inspiration was “in the music.”

Latukolan played an active role in popularizing the dance on TikTok, posting a dance tutorial and behind-the-scenes glimpse at the dancers training for the video. Latukolan has also made sure to engage with fans, often appearing in the comments to praise TikTok creators who have participated in the dance challenge.

One memorable clip from the video features the group of dancers led by Will West, following a carelessly sultry Mette Linturi. There’s something evocative about the clip, and it quickly became a popular meme format, used to express a desire to escape the weight of responsibility.

Memes aside, TikTok and YouTube creators mostly seek to simply replicate the dance; the catchy, soothing tune and positive energy prove a welcome respite from the internet’s infinite timelines of doom and mania.

“It’s been a delight to watch something that has so much ’70s obviously influenced,” TikToker @womeninfilm said about the dance. “I love when music and dance visuals are so strong you have this effervescent motion in your body where you are like, ‘I wish this feeling could envelop me.'”

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