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Aside from Anya Forger’s many memorable quotes, her expressions are one of the most significant highlights of the Spy x Family franchise that will most likely leave your heart full. You could say she is practically an expert in conveying human emotions, whether it involves the aftermath of a syndicate being brought down or something as simple as watching the Spy Wars show. So, to commemorate her various appearances, here’s our picks of the best Anya faces in Spy x Family.

Calm & Innocent Anya

Excited Anya
Image Source: Wit Studio

The very first face that was introduced in the anime is the calm and innocent Anya face, which is the perfect way to start off this adorable yet hilarious journey. By the time I saw this clip in Spy x Family, I already knew that she had to be protected at all costs as she ponders her enthusiasm for the spy life after reading her soon-to-be-fake-father’s mind.

What makes this face so lovable is the sense of childhood innocence behind Anya’s eyes, giving us a glimpse into what’s to come for the rest of the wholesome adventures. The expression has indeed appeared time and time again, primarily when it deals with precious moments between her and her parents.

Means Business Anya

Disguised Anya Forger
Image Source: Wit Studio

Spy x Family Season 2 introduced a whole new side to Anya, where she relatively dabbles in her father’s spy life. While you can’t necessarily see her entire face per se, you know that she means business with her disguise and focused look. I love that she is willing to do so much for her family, and this stance demonstrates her dedication to keeping them together. And, it is just plain cute.

Aside from that, the first episode ushered in another lovable moment between Anya and Franky, and I can’t wait to see what other shenanigans these two will get into as the journey continues.

Shocked Anya

Anya Shocked
Image Source: Wit Studio

It’s hard to pick between favorites with Anya’s various expressions, but the shocked one is definitely up there. I’ve seen this face in numerous episodes and panels, and yet each time, I find myself laughing at her overtly stunned appearance. Whether she has heard Yor talking about killing someone or an enemy on their way to take down the Forger family (probably unsuccessfully), her shocked face never ceases to amaze me.

Fortunately, it seems like this particular persona will continue to evolve, given that it has become a lot more expressive in upcoming episodes and manga panels.

Over-Joyed Anya

Overjoyed Anya Face in SpyxFamily
Image Source: Wit Studio

You would expect a child to have this type of face for something along the lines of getting candy or seeing a fun-filled amusement park. Yet, in actuality, Anya just heard that her mom and dad are an unlikely match as a deadly assassin and crime-fighting secret agent. This is what makes Anya’s many faces so iconic because you never know what you’re going to get, and somehow, they are always a welcomed surprise, no matter the situation.

Once again, childhood innocence comes into play, and an expression like this would make anyone feel joy. Well, unless you’re a monster.

Disgusted Anya

Disgusted Anya in Spy x Family
Image Source: Wit Studio

When Anya doesn’t get what she wants, she quickly unleashes this impactful “disgusted” look, primarily regarding her beloved peanuts. It always seems to put Loid in check, regardless of his countless encounters against many fearsome foes in the past. The expression also begs the question of how many different faces this girl can have with her endless range of emotions.

On top of that, we have to thank this look for existing since it led to the arrival of another popular addition to the group, so here’s hoping that more faces can result in other Spy x Family gems.

Tearful Anya

Sad Anya in Spy x Family
Image Source: Wit Studio

Anya’s apologetic face was persuasive enough to get the stubborn Lord Damian’s attention, causing him to question his feelings toward her. Almost everyone at the school and beyond can’t deny their fondness for her, and it’s all thanks to her characteristic of wearing her heart on her sleeve. Hence, the reason why this best-of list was created.

Even as a viewer, it makes you want to tear up a bit, considering how much she wants to make their friendship work for Loid’s sake. Though, on the surface, the plan relatively derails after this, but at least we know it has the potential to keep going with Desmond’s hidden feelings.

Sleepy Anya

Sleepy Anya in Spy x Family
Image Source: Wit Studio

Many parents have always indicated how cute their kids are when sleeping, and that seems to be the case with Anya’s adorable slumber state. Yes, there’s drool and snot involved, but her quirkiness is what makes her so unique. Although her sleepy face makes her teacher scared, given her lack of attention at the prestigious Eden Academy, the Spy x Family community knows that it is peak wholesome content.

You could also consider Anya’s grouchiness after her long slumbers, where she somehow makes crankiness even more lovable.

Annoyed Anya

Anya annoyed in Spy x Family
Image Source: Wit Studio

It’s extremely rare to see Anya annoyed since she often switches between happy and surprised emotions throughout the storyline. Nevertheless, when it does happen, it is so much more impactful and makes for yet another hilarious moment. These faces typically occur after Damian lets out a rude remark or narcissistic-based thought, and it just goes to show that you shouldn’t mess with an assassin and spy’s daughter.

I was happy to see this expression return in Season 2 with her secret agent-like mission, and it could possibly make an appearance again as Anya deals with more nonsense.

Dodgeball Anya

Anya in the Spy x Family Great Dodgeball Plan
Image Source: Wit Studio

Using Yor’s knowledge, Anya tries to put on her big girl shoes as she unleashes her powerful Star Catch Arrow attack during the dodgeball mission. The firm resolve on her face, alone, makes you want to root for her, along with the standard visual effects that every great anime battle has.

However, like always, things don’t go as planned in true Anya fashion, but all that matters is that she tried her best (now I’m sounding like her parent.) Hopefully, she can prove her worth one day with some form of a sport, taking after the elite skills of Yor and Loid.

The Iconic ‘Heh’ Anya Face

Anya Heh Face in Spy x Family Anime
Image Source: Wit Studio

All Spy x Family fans know all about Anya’s classic ‘Heh’ face that resulted in the Smug meme’s creation. What makes this expression one of the best in the series is the fact that she is meant to portray a polite smile rather than the evil but cute one that we know and love. Immediately after seeing this, I knew Spy x Family was worth all the hype and is the wholesome anime everyone should watch.

On one hand, Desmond believes the smile has an ill intent behind it, while Becky sees it as a sign of maturity. Whichever way you take it, it continues to be one of the series’ most iconic moments, and maybe it’s high time that we use it against our own enemies to make them feel as conflicted as Anya’s peers.

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