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Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each week we put together a big old list of all the best new releases of the past seven days. Back in the day the App Store would showcase the same games for a week, and then refresh those features each Thursday. Because of that developers got into the habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or very early Thursday in order to hopefully get one of those coveted features spots. Nowadays the App Store refreshes constantly, so the need for everyone to release all on the same day has diminished. Still, we’ve kept our weekly Wednesday night format as for years that’s the time people knew to check TouchArcade for the list of new games. And so without further ado please check out the full list of this week’s new games below, and let us know in the comments section which games you’ll be picking up!


Black Clover M (Free)

iTunes Description

Unleash your inner magic in an immersive magic adventure RPG and rise to become the Wizard King!

A world on the brink of being destroyed by a demon was saved by a mage that would come to be known as the “Wizard King”. Years later, this magical world is once again shrouded in the darkness of crisis. Asta, a boy born without magic, sets his sights on becoming the “Wizard King”, seeking to prove his abilities and fulfill a long-lasting promise to his friends.

Forum Thread: Black Clover M (by Garena)

Bomber Wasp ()

iTunes Description

Hornet army attack!Jacob the Ladybug accidentally disturbed the hornet queen’s much-needed beauty sleep. Now she commands her army to seek revenge. It’s your job to help Jacob evade countless waves of hornets falling from the sky and collect special items.How long can you survive under the Queen’s hornet wrath and her army?

Forum Thread: Bomber Wasp (by Element6)

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense ()

iTunes Description

Control powerful heroes, unlock dozens of tower types, and craft your perfect defense in an exciting blend of action, strategy and tower defense!

Master 10 Bug Heroes, each with their own play style, abilities, and weapons; from the Spider Assassin to the Ant Engineer, to the Worm Demolitions Expert, and more! Scavenge for food and junk, build turrets, level up your heroes and towers, equip upgrades, and defend against the enemy!

Forum Thread: Bug Heroes: Tower Defense (by Foursaken Media)

Dungeons of Aether ($4.99)

iTunes Description

Dungeons of Aether is a turn-based dungeon crawler designed by Nikita ‘ampersandbear’ Belorusov from the Aether Studios team. Rivals of Aether is known for its intense competition and twitch skills, while Dungeons of Aether allows you to take things at your own pace – but it’s still just as challenging! Every choice you make can lead you deeper into the dungeons or to an early demise. Will you carry out a treasure chest, or be carried out in a pine box?

Forum Thread: Dungeons of Aether (by Aether Studios)

EverStride (Free)

iTunes Description

Navigate serene cityscapes, leap over obstacles, and enjoy a gameplay experience that’s as relaxing as it is exhilarating!

As I put on my headphones and run, the city’s rooftops are my escape. Here, there’s no room for anxiety or fear, only the exhilarating freedom of each leap and stride.

EverStride is a 2D endless runner emphasizing a simple yet addicting gameplay loop of jumping, Lo-Fi music, and a serene cityscape.

Forum Thread: EverStride (by Jacob Jarrett)

Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal ()

iTunes Description

You are Agent 47 — a trained killer caught in the crosshairs of a rival agency, “The Franchise”.

Embark on a daring mission to take out a shadowy conspiracy’s lethal architects, and employ every tool at your disposal to get the job done while keeping a low profile. Infiltrate, execute, and escape undetected.

Featuring gameplay improvements inspired by later games in the series, Reprisal is an artful redesign of a stealth-action classic — complete with a fully customisable touchscreen interface and full gamepad support.

Forum Thread: Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal (by Feral Interactive)

Lightning Princess (Free)

iTunes Description

The “”Lightning Princesses”” were granted special abilities from the creator, the lightning god…But one day, the lightning god disappeared!?

Now is the time! Charge for the empty throne!Battle against the Lightning Princesses to claim the crown!

Forum Thread: Lightning Princess (by SuperPlanet)

Metal Slug ACA NEOGEO ($3.99)

iTunes Description

‘METAL SLUG’ is the original entry in one of the most famous action game series ever released. It was originally released by SNK in 1996.Players control Marco and Tarma who belong to the Special Forces team known as the ‘Peregrine Falcon Squad’.They fight to defeat General Donald Morden, in an effort to take back their stolen weapon known as the ‘METAL SLUG’.Players can utilize various weapons and vehicles such as the METAL SLUG to sway the fight in their favor.

Forum Thread: Metal Slug ACA NEOGEO (by SNK)

Puzzle And The City (Free)

iTunes Description

Solve puzzles to construct buildings, invite celebrities and create your city!

Welcome to the Puzzle And The City!

Become the mayor and develop a small village into your own huge megapolis. Numerous buildings, various storylines, and unique celebrities will make you city lively and fun! Develop your city and meet celebrities by clearing match 3 puzzles.Enjoy challenging puzzles with yout cute secretary Jenny, and become the best mayor of a huge city!

Forum Thread: Puzzle And The City (by Roti-x)

Retro Kart Rush ($2.99)

iTunes Description

Retro Kart Rush is a retro racing game that will transport you back to the 16-bit era. Where friendships were made (or broken) by playing multiplayer games in front of the TV.

Featuring pixelated characters, arcade physics, and gameplay that is both easy to learn and deep enough to satisfy veterans of the genre.

Forum Thread: Retro Kart Rush (by TuanisApps – Kuri GameDev)

Soul Knight Prequel (Free)

iTunes Description

Soul Knight Prequel is a pixel-art action RPG featuring loot farming. Slash monsters to upgrade your power, or party up for treasure against the odds. Our newest ARPG continues to feature Soul Knight’s familiar posse of chibi characters, while satiating the fans’ hunger for more lore and quests!

The game’s story begins prior to the events of Soul Knight. Help the magical land’s heroes form a knighthood, embark on an epic quest, vanquish foes with every combination of weapons and spells, and ultimately save Mystraea from impending doom.

Forum Thread: Soul Knight Prequel (by ChillyRoom)

SouloMania (Free)

iTunes Description

It’s coming! The best roguelike crash & dash platformer is coming to iOS devices this November!

Best 2D platformer for mobile devices – period! Beautifully stylized graphics, flashy effects, addictive gameplay, and smooth performance – all in one package. Unleash the power of SouloMania upon your foes as you venture through mesmerizing multiverse realms, each waiting to be explored!

Forum Thread: SouloMania (by Compiled World)

Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition ($24.99)

iTunes Description

An epic Titan battle, as complete as never before

Titan Quest has captivated legions of players since its 2006 debut. This is the complete edition of Titan Quest, including ALL DLCs and technical updates. You get the all-encompassing experience of an unbridled, truly heroic journey through the worlds of Titan Quest!

Your honorable quest is to save the world!

Forum Thread: Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition (by HandyGames)

Zombotron Re-Boot (Free)

iTunes Description

Explore a mysterious world, find great weapons and fight various enemies to survive!

Fight with zombies, with evil robots and other undead creatures to survive in the crazy world of Zombotron. The action takes place on an unknown one day colonized planet, which over time was abandoned and forgotten by people. Find and rescue survivals to discover the mystery of the mysterious planet together.

Forum Thread: Zombotron Re-Boot (by Anton Karlov)

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