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Type Soul is back with more soul added to the game than ever (sorry). This Type Soul Ayon Boss Guide tells you everything you need to know about this new world boss from spawn location, spawn time, boss stats, drops and more!

Check out Type Soul over on Roblox. For more Type Soul content we have a-plenty! Check out our Type Soul Bawabawa Boss Guide and our Type Soul Jidanbo Boss Guide.

Type Soul Ayon Boss Guide

Ayon is a forest-dwelling horror-looking boss, stunting a deer-like skull face with large horns, long unkempt black hair and a green tail. Unlike other World Bosses which spawn every 1 hour and 30 minutes of active server time, Ayon spawns every 40 minutes. He’s rather impatient and keen on a fight I guess. I recommend server hopping if you’re not up for waiting around for Ayon to spawn naturally in your launched server.

Ayon completes the hub of boss spawns around race-specific locations, lurking around Wandenreich, the home to those who selected the Quincy lineage. For comparison, Bawabawa resides in the Hollow-spawn Hueco Mundo, and Jidanbo Gatekeeps Soul Society, the Soul Reapers’ main spawn.

You’ll know when Ayon is present as he will have the iconic white emblem tag which shows his movements around the map regardless of your position in Wandenerich. This tag indicates a boss spawn and general location, however, doesn’t say how many studs away the boss is. Typically, the larger the emblem the closer you are.

Ayon Boss Drops

At the time of writing, the drops and rarity per drop for Ayon are currently unknown. I’d recommend bookmarking this page and checking back soon for updates! Alternatively, make your way to Wandenerich and go battle him yourself and see what he offers when defeated.

Ayon Boss Stats

Similarly, his boss’s stats such as HP capacity, special moves, and other features are currently unknown. Once again I encourage checking back for updates when we learn more about this new boss entry into the game!


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