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This Type Soul Cybernetic Box Guide tells you what this unique box is, what it does, how to get it and more!

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Type Soul Cybernetic Box Guide

Identified from its black box appearance with a glowing white diamond in the centre of each side, the Cybernetic Box is a Legendary item which Quincy users can benefit from. That isn’t to say that Soul Reapers and Arrancars can’t loot it, however, if you belong to either of the two factions who can’t use it, I’d recommend trading it to a Quincy user, especially since this item drops on death. After all, you don’t want other players to steal your valuables. The Cybernetic Box is used to obtain or reroll a Quincy Attachment.

You can obtain the Cybernetic Box from multiple sources depending on your preferred gameplay method including Clan Wars, Raids, Ranked and World Bosses. Of all these options, the World Bosses have the highest drop rate, however, is the most time-consuming due to Boss spawn times.

Quincy Attachments

When a Quincy uses this box, it automatically rolls for an attachment, with each one sharing the same roll rate. If you’re after a certain attachment you may need to grind a few boxes to maximise chances since opening the Cybernetic Box is a complete gamble. Now, onto a list of every Quincy Attachment which the Cybernetic Box has an equal chance to drop.

Flamethrower – Unleashes fire on an enemy from the player’s hand to burn and damage to an enemy.Claw (Can grab multiple players and NPCs) – Grips and ragdolls an enemy whilst also dealing some knockback.Minigun – A Long-range rapid fire of projectiles to deal damage to an opponent.


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