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ChatPDF is a specialized platform that utilizes ChatGPT technology to offer advanced PDF processing capabilities. Aimed at a diverse user base including students, researchers, and professionals, the service is engineered to summarize PDF content and respond to queries related to it. While the platform currently operates on GPT-3.5 technology, it is exploring the integration of GPT-4, although this feature may not be available on the free plan due to cost considerations. This wiki delves into the various functionalities, target user segments, pricing structures, and legal aspects of ChatPDF.

Core Features

Summarization and Q&A: 

ChatPDF can summarize entire PDF documents and provide specific answers to questions posed by the user. This feature is particularly useful for academic research, where sifting through lengthy papers can be time-consuming.

Multi-Language Support: 

The platform is not limited by language barriers. It can accept PDFs and interact with users in multiple languages, making it a globally accessible tool.

Cited Sources: 

One of the unique features of ChatPDF is its ability to cite the sources from the original PDF document when providing answers. This feature adds a layer of credibility and helps in academic and professional settings where source attribution is crucial.

Security and Privacy: 

ChatPDF places a high emphasis on user security. All files are stored in a secure cloud environment and are never shared with third parties.

User Segments


For students, ChatPDF serves as an invaluable tool for exam preparation, homework assistance, and understanding complex study materials. It can even help answer multiple-choice questions, providing a new dimension to study aids.


Researchers often have to go through extensive academic papers, articles, and publications. ChatPDF simplifies this by summarizing content and answering specific queries, thereby speeding up the research process.


In the professional world, time is of the essence. ChatPDF aids in quickly understanding legal contracts, financial reports, manuals, and training materials. It allows professionals to ask any question to any PDF and get insights rapidly.

Pricing Plans

Free Plan:

120 pages per PDF

10 MB per PDF

2 PDFs per day

20 questions per day

ChatPDF Plus:

$9.99 per month

2,000 pages per PDF

32 MB per PDF

50 PDFs per day

1,000 questions per day

API and Developer Features

ChatPDF offers a robust backend API that allows developers to integrate its functionalities into their own applications or services. The API is versatile, supporting various methods for adding PDFs, and comes with a free tier that offers limited usage.

Legal and Privacy Considerations

Terms of Service:

ChatPDF is intended for users aged 13 and above. The platform owns or licenses all intellectual property, including source code and databases. Users are responsible for their submissions and must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy:

ChatPDF is committed to data privacy and security. The platform collects information for service provision, communication, and security. Although measures are in place to protect user data, 100% security cannot be guaranteed. Users have rights that vary depending on their geographical location, including data access, rectification, and erasure.

Contact and Support

ChatPDF offers multiple channels for customer support and feedback. Users can reach out via email at The company is also active on social media platforms like Discord and Twitter, where users can post feature requests or bug reports.

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