Where to find Sea Grapes in Dave the Diver


The ocean hosts an entire kitchen’s worth of tasty treats just waiting to be munched and crunched. Just below the waves are a million flavors and textures to explore. Dave the Diver allows you to take on the role not only of harpoon fisherman but also of sushi restaurant mogul. Adventuring into the deep, dark, and beyond rewards you with treasures for the table to entice and excite your customers. One of the many ingredients you will need to procure is the Sea Grapes to go with the jellyfish dish in Dave the Diver.

Where to find Sea Grapes in Dave the Diver

Where to find Sea Grapes in Dave the Diver

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These Sea Grapes will be used to please the second critic to come through your doors. Along with Salt and Jellyfish, this tasty treat of Sea Grapes astounds and results in your sushi bar being upgraded once again. Finding the Grapes is a bit of a trick as Dave the Diver prefers you to make your own discoveries rather than hand-holding.

To find the Sea Grapes in Dave the Diver, you should head to the area where the Jellyfish also like to hang around. Being an early-game item, Dave the Diver has made the task all quite easy. Simply look for the water currents, and you will soon find the Jellyfish. I found that the highest concentration of Sea Grapes was just below the floaty fish.

You will be able to identify them by their long, thin, green appearance. They stick right up and wave around in the currents. To extract them, you will need to escape with all your oxygen intact or risk losing them all. Of course, when you die, you can always keep one item; this will not be enough for the recipe though. Be careful of the currents as they are likely to push Dave the Diver into sharp rocks and the stings of the Jellyfish as he attempts to grab the Sea Grapes.

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