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SKT T1 has finally won the League of Legends Worlds Championship after years of not being able to secure the trophy. The team’s victory over WBG was a 3-0 sweep and highlighted T1’s good coordination and macroplay. As the new world champions, each member gets to choose one character that will bear the colors and logo of their group.

Potential Skins Choices for Worlds 2023

As the most recent winners of Worlds, members of T1’s active roster will each choose which champions will get a skin design based on their team. This has been the tradition of Riot for thirteen years, and SKT has seen its fair share of it.

Members of T1 were asked to determine which champions would get a skin based on them. Each one provided a character they used during the tournament or someone they liked using. Here are the choices for the Worlds 2023 Champion Skins:

Zeus – T1’s top laner has used multiple champions throughout the tournament, but his choice boils down to either Yone or Jayce. 
Oner – T1’s Jungler only has Lee Sin in his mind for the skin, his signature champion. The Blind Monk already has existing championship cosmetics, but giving Oner his version of this character is valid because of his high impact plays using LS.
Faker – T1’s Midlaner and Team Captain has already chosen three champions to get championship skins. He hasn’t thought of any specific character for now, but he has mentioned that he wants to give a T1 skin to someone the community will enjoy. Faker will likely choose Ahri because she is one of the most popular league champions T1 used in the tourney. Other potential picks are Azir, Orianna, Sylas, and Akali. 
Gumayusi – T1’s Botlaner already has his eyes set on Jinx. The Zaun champion is arguably one of Gamayusi’s best and favorite ADC picks. 
Keria – T1’s Support originally wanted to pick Lux to receive the skin. He notably said that it was her or nothing if given the opportunity. However, he opted out of choosing the Lady of Luminosity since he could not use her in Worlds. Keria’s choices now boil down between Bard or Renata Glasc. 

There have not been any details on when the T1 Worlds 2023 Champions skin set will be released. The team is still selecting their final picks, and it’ll take time for Riot to design them. 

All Existing T1 Championship Skins

SKT has won Worlds three times before their current victory in 2023. This means that T1 has three sets of champion skins already existing. These cosmetics were released for SKT’s Season 3, Season 5, and Season 6 roster. Here are all the currently available T1 skins:

Season 3 World Championship

Jax (Impact)
Lee Sin (Bengi)
Zed (Faker)
Vayne (Piglet)
Zyra (PoohManDu)

Season 5 World Championship

Renekton (Marin)
Elise (Bengi)
Ryze (Faker)
Azir (Easyhoon)
Kalista (Bang)
Alistar (Wolf)

Season 6 World Championship

Ekko (Duke)
Zac (Blank)
Olaf (Bengi)
Syndra (Faker)
Jhin (Bang)
Nami (Wolf)

Worlds 2023 will be the fourth collection of SKT T1 skins, and it would arguably be one of its most popular, considering how hyped everyone is for the team’s win for this season. 

All Other Championship Skins

League of Legends has been around for over a decade and is still going strong. Riot’s practice of releasing skins based on the recent Worlds champions started in the first championship tournament. There are 12 sets of these cosmetics, which include the three SKT T1 collections. Here are all the Worlds Championship skins for League of Legends:

Worlds 2011 Championship Skins

TPA Corki
TPA Jarvan IV
TPA Gragas
TPA Janna
TPA Karthus

Worlds 2012 Championship Skins

Fnatic Alistar
Fnatic Ezreal
Fnatic Jarvan IV
Fnatic Vayne
Fnatic Twitch

Worlds 2014 Championship Skins

SSW Nami
SSW Thresh
SSW Twitch
SSW Renekton
SSW Dr. Mundo

Worlds 2017 Championship Skins

SSG Taliyah
SSG Gnar
SSG Rakan
SSG Xayah
SSG Ezreal
SSG Jarvan IV

Worlds 2018 Championship Skins

IG Camille
IG Fiora
IG Irelia
IG LeBlanc
IG Kai’Sa

Worlds 2019 Championship Skins

FPX Lee Sin
FPX Thresh
FPX Vayne
FPX Rakan
FPX Gangplank

Worlds 2020 Championship Skins

DWG Gnar
DWG Dr. Mundo
DWG Orianna
DWG Shen
DWG Jhin

Worlds 2021 Championship Skins

EDG Nunu
EDG Shen
EDG Viego
EDG Viper

Worlds 2022 Championship Skins

DRX Aatrox
DRX Heimerdinger
DRX Miss Fortune
DRX Nami
DRX Pyke

Jarvan IV and Thresh have the most champion skins because of their high-impact gameplay in Worlds. Lee Sin will be another champion with multiple Worlds cosmetics if T1 finalizes him as one of their choices.

When Will We Know What the Worlds 2023 Champions Skin Are

The final list will likely be chosen after a few weeks. However, their actual release will happen during the following season. Until then, players have a few more days to catch up and grind their rank for the current patch.

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