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Wolverine Could Launch in 2024, and Insomniac Might be Working On Another Marvel Game – Gamezebo


Big Insomniac news today, folks. Sony’s most prolific publisher might follow its near-yearly release cycle into 2024, with the launch of Wolverine. The source is a Vietnamese artist, Hung Nguy, who is reportedly working on the game, and has teased a 2024 release date.

Insomniac has been incredibly prolific since the PS5 arrived, with a new game arriving on a near-yearly basis. 2020 saw two releases: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the remaster of the original Spider0Man, while 2021 saw the excellent Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

After taking a well-deserved break in 2022, Insomniac returned with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in 2023. This massive sequel arrives five years following the original, which launched back in 2018. It features the same map, vastly-improved visuals, and new areas to explore.

Could Marvel’s Wolverine Arrive in 2024?

So, Marvel’s Wolverine arriving in 2024 isn’t hugely surprising, given how quickly Insomniac can put out quality releases. Thanks Comic Book for the spot with this one.

In other news, Marvel might well be working on yet another Marvel game. This isn’t new, errr, news, of course, as the rumour first did the rounds back in September 2021. Comic Book, once again, picked up this story courtesy of Nick Baker, who “leaked” the news on the XboxEra podcast.

This rumour has circled back around now, as Insomniac confirmed that its working on a AAA multiplayer game back in July 2023. The source for that is Twitter.

Is Insomniac Working on a Marvel Multiplayer Game?

So, put two and two together and you get a Marvel multiplayer game. It would certainly make sense, given Insomniac’s form in the Marvel universe. Spider-Man and its two sequels, and then Wolverine.

The question is: which Marvel property? X-Men might make the most sense, as Wolverine could set things up for a multiplayer follow-up where all of the X-Men are playable. It is venturing into Marvel Avenger’s territory, but perhaps Insomniac could make it work.

Sony also has a similar relationship with X-Men as it does Spider-Man, so it would make sense. It could be literally anything though, and time will tell.

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