Wuthering Waves codes May 2024

May 26, 2024: We checked for new Wuthering Waves codes.

We’re super excited to jump into another gacha game, and the available Wuthering Waves codes don’t disappoint when it comes to freebies. Kuro Games’ free-to-play RPG is now out in the wild, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled for any codes it has.

Why not check out which Wuthering Waves characters you want to aim for and discover which Wuthering Waves banner they may belong to, as well as where they land on our Wuthering Waves tier list? Also, here’s what we know about the Project Mugen release date and any Zenless Zone Zero codes.

All Wuthering Waves codes

Here are all the Wuthering Waves redemption codes:

WUTHERINGGIFT – two premium resonance potions, two medium revival inhalers, two medium energy bags, 10k shell credits, and 50 astrite

If you play Wuthering Waves through the Epic launcher or have an Epic account, you can redeem a free Echo Starter Pack containing one incomplete echo, ten premium tunes, and five advanced sealed tubes.

Expired codes:


How to redeem Wuthering Waves codes in the game

How do I redeem Wuthering Waves codes?

Now that the game is out, we can tell you how to redeem Wuthering Waves codes, just follow these steps:

Launch Wuthering Waves
Open up the menu
Select the settings menu in the bottom right corner
Hit the ‘other settings’ option
Select ‘redemption box’
Paste or type in a code one at a time, then hit confirm

There you go – free astrite, XP materials, and much more. You can only use these codes in the game, there is no Wuthering Waves redeem website, unlike in other gacha games.

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What is Wuthering Waves?

Wuthering Waves is a fun, open-world RPG coming to mobile and consoles. Taking place in a futuristic world, you take on the role of Rover and must fight back against the Lament. There’s a party-based combat system where each character – called Resonators – uses an element and weapon combination, providing you with plenty of battle strategies to make use of.

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