Wuthering Waves tier list

Our Wuthering Waves tier list will help you rank each playable character based on their strengths, usability, and overall effectiveness in the brand-new RPG from Kuro Games. We’re choosing our picks based on how the meta forms, so bear in mind, that it’s subject to change depending on what new characters we get or whether certain go-to builds start to naturally appear now that the world can jump in and play.

If you’re eager to get this game, then here’s the Wuthering Waves release date, and how to build Wuthering Waves Jiyan, if you’re going for him. We’ve got a full list of Wuthering Waves codes to grab some freebies on your new adventure, plus, you might also want to grab the new Honkai Star Rail codes and Genshin Impact codes for currency in both gacha games while you’re here.

Wuthering Waves tier list

This tier list ranks all the Wuthering Waves characters in the game from S down to C tier – but remember, just because your favorite might not be in the top tier doesn’t mean they’re not worth building.

Wuthering Waves character

Jiyan, Verina, Mortefi

Calcharo, Danjin, Baizhi, Lingyang, Encore, Yangyang, Jianxin

Aalto, Rover (spectro), Rover (havoc), Sanhua

Chixia, Yuanwu, Taoqi

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What rarities are the Wuthering Waves characters?

In true gacha fashion, the characters in Wuthering Waves are available in four- and five-star rarities, with the five-stars being stronger, rarer units. For more information, we have a full list of all the characters so far in our Wuthering Waves characters guide, and how to get them on each Wuthering Waves banner.

What attributes do Wuthering Waves characters use?

In Wuthering Waves, there are six attributes – essentially, elements. These are aero, glacio, electro, fusion, havoc, and spectro. Each character uses one of these in a different way, coupled with one of five weapons (pistols, gauntlets, rectifiers, swords, and broadblades).

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, havoc and spectro bring something new to the table in that they can annihilate matter and bind photons respectively.

That’s our Wuthering Waves tier list! If you, like us, are a big fan of mobile RPGs and gacha games, check out what we know about the Project Mugen release date right here.

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