Xbox Game Pass adds Stardew Valley-inspired life sim Spirittea today


November continues its Game Pass greatness with the launch of rural-life RPG Spirittea, which joins the service today as a day-one addition. Counting the likes of Stardew Valley and Spirited Away amongst its inspirations, Spirittea sees you running a bathhouse for troubled spirits.Spirittea caught our eye when it was announced last year and it was a great surprise to then find out it was coming to Game Pass on day one. It sees us play as a writer who heads out to the countryside to find inspiration for their next novel, only to somehow end up drinking a tea that allows them to see the spirit world. We can then see that the town is forgetting about its spirits, which are causing trouble as a result, and to stop everything careening into chaos from there, we need to help the spirits, run the bathhouse for them, and make friends with the town’s locals.

We’ll be busy upgrading the bathhouse and keeping it running, joining in with the hobbies of the townsfolk, exploring, shopping, customising, and more. If that sounds up your street, we’ve got a full Spirittea interview with sole developer Dan Beckerton where you can find out more. Plus, thanks to Cheesemaster Games and publisher No More Robots, we’ve also got the exclusive reveal of the Spirittea Xbox achievements.

There’s not much time to catch your breath when it comes to cozy games and Game Pass — Coral Island joins Game Pass tomorrow. Plus, we’ve got the full list of all the upcoming Game Pass games on the way too.

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