Zack Snyder Reveals He Plays Fortnite and Is ‘Pretty Good at It’ and More


Zack Snyder’s credits as a filmmaker need no separate introduction, for someone who’s been responsible for some of the most iconic superhero movies ever. After delivering hits like 300 before taking over DCEU with Watchmen, Man of Steel, and Justice League, Snyder’s place in the history of cinema is secure. As it turns out, Snyder has another identity, of a gamer and lover of Fortnite. In a recent interview, Snyder disclosed how there was a time when he was playing a little too much Fortnite.

Ahead of the release of his upcoming movie Rebel Moon- Chapter One: Child of Fire, Zack Snyder spoke to Wired about the film, working on the DCEU and more. In the context of maintaining his “work-life” balance and his wife, Deborah Johnson encouraging him to pursue pottery, Snyder revealed that this was back when he was playing Fortnite too much.

Snyder further added, “I’m pretty good at Fortnite, actually. But it was also, you know, 3 in the morning, and my wife is like, “Are you seriously playing Fortnite at 3 in the morning against some 12-year-olds?” However, Snyder’s in game name has not been revealed, but he said that he as a Mr. Meeseeks skin from Rick and Morty. So “if you’ve been killed by Meeseeks, that could have been Zack Snyder”, he said.

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Snyder has previously expressed his interest in popular video game franchises like Halo and Gears of War. Speaking to IGN earlier this year, Snyder revealed how fascinated he is by the idea of Halo in live action, having been a fan of the game. He also said that the idea of a movie based on Gears of War, “has always come up in our circle”. As we know, Paramount+’s Halo: The Series released in 2022, with a Gears of War animated series currently in development at Netflix.

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