Cliff Bleszinski’s Further Hints A LawBreakers Revival Could Be On The Horizon


LawBreakers was a first-person movement shooter that launched back in 2017, from storied developer Cliff Bleszinski’s studio, Boss Key Productions, though the arena-shooter that had players practically flying, couldn’t keep itself airborne.

Now, Bleszinksi’s shooter could very well come back, something he’s already hinted at earlier this year, now with an update that he has his lawyer currently negotiating to attain the rights and assets back from the game’s original publisher, Nexon.

LawBreakers only survived for a little over a year from launch, and if it would return at somepoint in the next couple of years, it would come back to an even more competitive shooter landscape, than it left.

Bleszinski even admitted that its console release was “a mistake,” so if LawBreakers does come back, it’ll be interesting if the idea of a console release isn’t a direction Bleszinski goes down.

There’s still a lot that would have to happen for LawBreakers to come back, but its unique focus on movement could potentially allow it to carve out its own space in the industry.

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