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Looking for a Clover Retribution Timbo’s Cat Location guide? Read on to find out where exactly Timbo’s cat has wandered off to.

Clover Retribution is a Roblox game that is largely based on the Black Clover anime and manga series. Unlock your own grimoire, utilise a range of magical powers, and find yourself immersed in the inspired world. There are tons of spells and skills to obtain, alongside stylish face markings, armor, and weapons. Plus, certain traits play a big part in your overall character-building progression. Work through each quest and defeat elite and mini-bosses as you explore – or maybe you’ll battle it out in one of the dungeons!

Check out Clover Retribution’s official Roblox page to find out more. We’ve also got a Clover Retribution Drops guide, a Clover Retribution Update guide, and a Clover Retribution Traits guide.

Clover Retribution Timbo’s Cat Location

If you haven’t picked this quest up yet, you can do so by visiting Timeston and interacting with a blue-skinned NPC who is standing outside a building.

The ‘Find Timbo’s Cat’ quest has a lot of players stumped. I’ve always found the search-and-find style of quests to be quite tedious in any video game, especially when the thing you’re looking for is so small. Anyway, enough about me, let’s find out where Timbo’s Cat is!

Where to Find the Cat

Once you have the ‘Find Timbo’s Cat’ quest, you need to head out to the Grasslands Forest. This entire process will be much easier if you have a flying broomstick! While you’re travelling through the Grasslands Forest, keep an eye out for the giant skull sculpture in the distance.

You need to fly in the direction of the skull sculpture until you see a dirt mound with a small rock sculpture close to the edge – keep in mind that the small rock sculpture has a triangle on it! By standing next to this rock, you should spot the small cat standing on a tree branch.

The best way to reach the cat is by flying toward it on your broom – luckily, you can interact with the cat while flying mid-air. Personally, I don’t think the branch is within jumping distance from the mound of dirt, but feel free to try! After interacting with the cat, the quest will automatically be completed.

Timbo’s Cat Quest Rewards

Now that you know where Timbo’s cat is, what rewards do you get in return?

200 Gold2 random spins750 EXP


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