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R2 Games is Hosting Thanksgiving This Year, With Events Across its Entire Games Portfolio – Gamezebo


R2 Games fans, rejoice! The prolific games publisher R2 Games is hosting Thanksgiving this year, with a ton of special events across its entire portfolio of games. Not only that, but the publisher has released a brand new Thanksgiving-themed mini-game to celebrate, and it’s offering prizes to those who participate.

It’s the R2Games Thanksgiving Turkey Challenge, and it kicked off today. You have to tap or click on turkeys on a board to feed them to a hungry flame. You get 20 seconds to try and tap as many turkeys, and your score then places on a leaderboard. Get into the top five and stay there until the event ends on December 1 and you win a mysterious prize.

Now, let’s round up the rest of the events in R2 Games’s portfolio.

League of Angels: Pact 

League of Angels: Pact is also hosting a joint Thanksgiving and Black Friday event, which run between November 17 – 23 and 24 – 27 respectively. Login daily to get a free Diamond Chest and on the first day to get a free 10x pull.

League of Angels 3

Play LoA 3 between November 17 – 23 to participate in the Special Insignia event, earning free rewards.

Eternal Fury

The Eternal Fury event kicks off today, November 22 and runs until 27. It invites you to spin the wheel to earn additional rewards while the event lasts.

8 Ball Master

This event runs on November 23 only, and provides you with a themed Thanksgiving avatar and frame just for logging in that day.

Dark Odyssey

Dark Odyssey’s event encourages you to socialise with your friends. Bosses you defeat drop ‘Turkeys’, which you can gift to other players to provide them with rewards. You then rank on a leaderboard depending on the number of gifts you send, earning a reward at the end for being the most generous.

It kicks off tomorrow and runs until November 26.

Evil Awakening II: Erebus

Login between November 23 – 27 to earn login rewards. There’s also special offers on the Fashion Recharge, Daily Packs, and Daily Recharge. There’s also a cross-service activity that challenges you to spend 500,000 diamonds during the event!

Dragon Awaken

Between November 23 – 28, Dragon Awaken is giving away a bunch of bonuses, special rewards, and holiday surprises in-game.

Crystal Saga Idle

Crystal Saga Idle is holding a log-in event, which will reward thanksgiving-themed rewards to those who participate. You can also complete exclusive quests and grab some bargains in the Thanksgiving Shop.

Legend of Warships

Legend of Warships is hosting an in-game check-in event, which grants you the brand new Colorado Class warship. It kicked off yesterday, November 20, and runs until 26.

Sword Masters

Sword Masters is holding a special Monopoly-themed event, which sees you rolling dice to score rewards. You can also participate in Hill of Memories, complete the special Event Quests, and login daily for additional prizes.

Mafia Boss

Wish a happy Thanksgiving to your fellow players in chat to unlock a spin on the ‘Carnival Slot’, which rewards you with exclusive rewards. It runs between November 23 – 27.

The Third Age

The Third Age is combining its thanksgiving and Black Friday events into one, and challenging you to complete a bunch of new quests to earn exclusive rewards. There’s also a bunch of Black Friday deals on IAPs, so if you’ve been saving something, now is the time.

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