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Dead Island 2 Story Expansion Pits Players Against A Malibu Cult Next Month


Dead Island 2 Haus

Dead Island 2 is getting its first story expansion dubbed Haus. The adventure whisks players to new locations to take on a mysterious cult while surviving that pesky zombie apocalypse. 

This new storyline centers on techno-death cults hosted by its crazed leader, Konstantin, who believes such battles are the “paragon of the future.” The adventure unfolds in a Malibu villa, described in a press release as a “deranged labyrinth of biomes where rational architecture is subverted by expanding narrative spaces.”

Your guess is as good as ours as to what that means, but Haus features eight new cards and new weapons, such as the long-ranged K-Rossbow and the flame-spewing Hog Roaster. Developer Dambuster Studios has not posted a trailer but did release a few screenshots that you can view below.

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Dead Island 2 Haus launches on November 2. You can read our review of the base game here, and be sure to check out our deep-dive feature on the development of Yager Interactive’s scrapped version of Dead Island 2. 

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