Equalizer IC eases DOCSIS 4.0 CATV upgrades

A single-chip inverse cable equalizer, the QPC7330 from Qorvo allows CATV operators to upgrade their hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks to DOCSIS 4.0. The QPC7330 streamlines field installation by eliminating the need for plug-ins or complicated circuitry to implement the input cable simulation function. Programmed through an I2C interface, the device seamlessly integrates into the automated setup routine.

The function of the QPC7330 75-Ω inverse cable equalizer is to flatten out an input signal with too much uptilt in a line extender or system amplifier. It features 25 states to simulate the loss of different lengths of coaxial cable, offering tilt adjustments from 1 dB to 24 dB (measured from 108 MHz to 1794 MHz). The device integrates all equalizer functions, including a low-loss bypass mode, into a 10×14-mm laminate over-mold module.

The QPC7330 inverse cable equalizer is sampling now, with production quantities available in August 2024.

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QPC7330 product page


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