Rack-mount oscilloscopes are just 2U high

The MXO 5C series of low-profile oscilloscopes from R&S provides a bandwidth of up to 2 GHz and either four or eight channels. Although they lack displays, the rack-mount scopes deliver the same performance as the MXO 5 series, while occupying only a quarter of the vertical height (3.5 inches or 8.9 cm).

Built with two in-house ASICs for fast response, the MXO 5C delivers an acquisition capture rate of up to 4.5 million waveforms per second. It also features a 12-bit ADC with a high-definition mode that increases vertical resolution to 18 bits. A small front-panel E-ink display shows key information, such as IP address, firmware version, and connectivity status.

Four-channel models offer bandwidths of 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz, and 2 GHz. Eight-channel models provide the same bandwidths, with the addition of 100 MHz and 200 MHz options. Standard acquisition memory of 500 Mpoints per channel can be optionally upgraded to 1 Gpoint per channel.

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Although tailored for rack-mount applications, the MXO 5C oscilloscopes can also be used on a bench by connecting an external display via their HDMI or DisplayPort interfaces. Other connectivity interfaces include two USB 3.0 and one 1-Gbit LAN.

The MXO 5C series oscilloscopes are now available from R&S and select distribution channel partners.

MXO 5C series product page

Rohde & Schwarz 

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