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In this article, RamBase delves into three areas defining the future of UK manufacturing and explores how cloud ERP solutions play a crucial role in each.

Across the UK, manufacturers are intensifying their emphasis on adopting technologies to enhance and expand their businesses. The imperative to fortify essential operations, coupled with the advantages of flexibility, scalability and security offered by a cloud-based model, has become a driving force behind this renewed interest.

One trend contributing to the popularity of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, particularly in the mid-market, is the evolution of software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. The increase in product offerings and ease-of-deployment associated with SaaS-based ERP solutions have made them more accessible and realistic for the mid-market.

Advanced business management tools are empowering small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) and fast-growing companies, letting them harness the benefits of enterprise systems that were traditionally more within the reach of larger corporations.

Demand for technology

The availability and ease of deployment for SaaS solutions has seen a surge in the number of industries embracing cloud technology, with many choosing to implement new cloud solutions. Additionally, a significant proportion of businesses operating with on-premises ERP solutions are either in the process of transitioning or planning to migrate current platforms to the SaaS model.

Demand for ERP solutions capable of handling intricate multifaceted processes has become particularly pronounced among organizations that need to handle complex production workflows, improve data handling, quality and work production. These organizations seek cloud ERP platforms that go beyond basic management and towards solutions that offer robust functionalities to help streamline and fortify their business operations, enhance decision-making processes, support automation and ensure compliance with evolving regulatory standards.

Growth and innovation

Moreover, the adaptability and scalability of a modern cloud ERP system plays a pivotal role in meeting the diverse needs of mid-sized manufacturers. As businesses grow and evolve, their operational requirements become more complex. Cloud ERP solutions that offer flexibility and scalability ensure that organizations can seamlessly adapt to changes in their size, structure and industry landscape.

This adaptability is especially important for mid-sized high-tech and electronic manufacturers striving to stay competitive in markets characterized by rapid innovation. Additionally, cloud ERP platforms offer integrations to facilitate future strategic business requirements such as smart robots, automation, data handling and decision intelligence.


Eliminate waste and save money

Gartner reports that by 2026, 30 per cent of enterprises will do their primary environment, social and governance (ESG) reporting out of their ERP applications. These systems play a vital role in enabling organizations to monitor, analyse and optimize their environmental impact by providing real-time insights into resource consumption and waste.

With cloud ERP systems, companies gain valuable insights into changes and variations in raw materials and products within both the sales module and production orders. Additionally, it automates processes to efficiently manage production requirements and purchasing, helping save time, money and minimize waste.

Cloud ERP solutions like RamBase helps businesses cope with the growing demands of the manufacturing and distribution industries with a scalable platform and enterprise functionality.


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