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Helldivers 2 Delisted For Over 100 Countries on Steam

The situation around one of this year’s breakout hits, Helldivers 2, continues to unfold as a new front has opened in this ongoing story. Now the Helldivers 2 PSN requirement controversy has evolved to add a delisting from well over 100 countries on Steam to the mix.

Several hours ago, Helldivers 2 was updated on Steam removing the option to purchase it from over 170 Steam regions. These regions make up over 100 different countries where it is not possible to create a legal PlayStation Network account. It seems this step was taken to prevent further people buying it in regions that wouldn’t be able to meet the PSN account requirement. What is not known at this time is if this action was taken by Sony or Valve.

Today has also seen many users successfully requesting refunds via Steam, whether it be because they’re from a region that cannot legally create a PSN account or out of protest of this change.

We have reached out to Sony and Valve to inquire about who took the steps to delist the game, and will update this article if we receive any further information.

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What else is happening with the Helldivers 2 PSN controversy?

Beyond that, one of the community managers for Arrowhead has addressed some issues. First, it was clarified that the announcement, FAQ, and policy are all coming down from Sony, which publishes Helldivers 2, and not from Arrowhead internally. Second, they clarified the situation regarding players who already have the game, but reside in regions that don’t have PSN accounts with the following statement:

“If a better solution isn’t provided for players who are in regions without PSN coverage, I’m assured that we won’t be making the requirement mandatory for those players. We’re not going to force people to either break Sony TOS or not play the game.”

The reference to the Sony TOS is that making an account in a region you are not in, is breaking their terms of service, and could lead to a ban. The community manager went on to share that player displeasure gives them more leverage in the discussion with Sony. That comment, pulled like the previous from the official Helldivers discord, was as follows:

Players making their displeasure known through reviews, refunds etc. gives us more pull in the discussions with Sony. They don’t read our Discord. It hurts to see the game’s popularity suffer in ratings, but discussions are ongoing and our team is on the side of the players in this fight. It’s unrealistic to expect people to make PSN accounts in different regions to get past the account linking requirement. We’re aware of that. Discussions are ongoing.

Players were already taking the idea of giving negative reviews to heart even before such a unique statement was issued by one of the community managers early this morning. Since the change was announced, there have been over 100k negative reviews published on Steam by purchasers on the Steam store. This has managed to move the all-time rating down to Mixed with only a 57% positive review score, while in recent reviews it is at Mostly Negative with only 23% positive reviews.

This all looms over the upcoming Helldivers 2 Polar Patriots Warbond that is scheduled to release on May 8th. For now, TechRaptor is going to leave you with a full list of the regions impacted by the delisting below.

What are all the regions that Helldivers 2 Steam was delisted from?

  Afghanistan  Antigua and Barbuda  Anguilla  Albania  Armenia  Netherlands Antilles  Angola  Antarctica  American Samoa  Aruba  Åland Islands  Azerbaijan  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Barbados  Bangladesh  Burkina Faso  Burundi  Benin  Saint Barthélemy  Bermuda  Brunei Darussalam  Bonaire/Sint Eustatius/Saba  Bahamas  Bhutan  Bouvet Island  Botswana  Belarus  Belize  Cocos (Keeling) Islands  Democratic Republic of the Congo  Central African Republic  Congo  Côte d’Ivoire  Cook Islands  Cameroon  Cuba  Cabo Verde  Curaçao  Christmas Island  Djibouti  Dominica  Dominican Republic  Algeria  Egypt  Western Sahara  Eritrea  Ethiopia  Fiji  Falkland Islands (Malvinas)  Federated States of Micronesia  Faroe Islands  Gabon  Grenada  Georgia  French Guiana  Guernsey  Ghana  Gibraltar  Greenland  Gambia  Guinea  Guadeloupe  Equatorial Guinea  South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands  Guam  Guinea-Bissau  Guyana  Heard Island and McDonald Islands  Haiti  Isle of Man  British Indian Ocean Territory  Iraq  Islamic Republic of Iran  Jersey  Jamaica  Jordan  Kenya  Kyrgyzstan  Cambodia  Kiribati  Comoros  Saint Kitts and Nevis  Democratic People’s Republic of Korea  Cayman Islands  Kazakhstan  Lao People’s Democratic Republic  Saint Lucia  Sri Lanka  Liberia  Lesotho  Libya  Morocco  Monaco  Republic of Moldova  Montenegro  Saint Martin  Madagascar  Marshall Islands  North Macedonia  Mali  Myanmar  Mongolia  Macao  Northern Mariana Islands  Martinique  Mauritania  Montserrat  Mauritius  Maldives  Malawi  Mozambique  Namibia  New Caledonia  Niger  Norfolk Island  Nigeria  Nepal  Nauru  Niue  French Polynesia  Papua New Guinea  Philippines  Pakistan  Saint Pierre and Miquelon  Pitcairn  Puerto Rico  State of Palestine  Palau  Réunion  Serbia  Rwanda  Solomon Islands  Seychelles  Sudan  Saint Helena/Ascension/Tristan da Cunha  Svalbard and Jan Mayen  Sierra Leone  San Marino  Senegal  Somalia  Suriname  South Sudan  Sao Tome and Principe  Sint Maarten (Dutch part)  Syrian Arab Republic  Eswatini  Turks and Caicos Islands  Chad  French Southern Territories  Togo  Tajikistan  Tokelau  Timor-Leste  Turkmenistan  Tunisia  Tonga  Trinidad and Tobago  Tuvalu  United Republic of Tanzania  Uganda  United States Minor Outlying Islands  Uzbekistan  Holy See  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  Venezuela  British Virgin Islands  U.S. Virgin Islands  Viet Nam  Vanuatu  Wallis and Futuna  Samoa  Yemen  Mayotte  Zambia  Zimbabwe

Note: two regions were also mentioned as unknown on the SteamDB listing, with the region codes FX, and XD. We removed them from the list here for ease of anyone searching for their country.

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