Honkai Star Rail’s Firefly build and release date speculation

Honkai Star Rail’s Firefly has made quite the splash in Penacony’s story so far, and the twists and turns just keep on coming with her imminent release as a playable character. Fair warning, this guide contains spoilers about Firefly’s identity, so make sure you’re all caught up before continuing.

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Here’s everything we know about Honkai Star Rail’s Firefly.

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Honkai Star Rail Firefly release date speculation

Thanks to some recent (rather spoiler-filled) drip marketing, we now know that Firefly is joining the playable character roster in version 2.3 alongside Honkai Star Rail’s Jade. This is your final spoiler warning before we get into who this sweet and friendly Penaconian really is.

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Who is Firefly?

Firefly is a member of the Stellaron Hunters and is better known as Honkai Star Rail’s Sam. She was born and raised as a weapon and suffers from Entropy Loss Syndrome, which is why she wears the armor and works alongside the likes of Honkai Star Rail’s Blade and Honkai Star Rail’s Silver Wolf, searching for the meaning of life.

Firefly’s English voice actor is Analesa Fisher, who you may recognize from Genshin Impact and Cookie Run: Kingdom. Adin Rudd provides Sam’s voice and you might have heard him portray Artur in Fire Emblem Heroes, or Chatterbox is Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

What is Firefly’s path and element?

Firefly is a five-star fire character who walks the path of Destruction. This means she can hit hard and survive well in combat, likely making her a great main DPS option. Her fire element could also grant her use of the burn debuff like Honkai Star Rail’s Guinaifen, but we’ll have to wait for the version 2.3 livestream for more details of her kit.

That’s everything we know about Honkai Star Rail’s Firefly so far. While you’re here, check out our guides to other intriguing characters like Honkai Star Rail’s Gallagher, Honkai Star Rail’s Tingyun, and Honkai Star Rail’s Lynx. We also have a Zenless Zone Zero preview you get you excited for Hoyoverse’s newest adventure.

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