How to enter the attic room

The game’s worst enemy won’t be the local militia or your multitude of ailments, but the RNG itself. Here is how to enter the attic room and complete the Helping Hand task in Gray Zone Warfare.

How to complete the Helping Hand task in Gray Zone Warfare

Helping Hand is one of the many tasks given by Handshake, one of Gray Zone Warfare’s vendors. Today’s assignment will be to attempt to discover and bring back some sort of evidence regarding who is feeding information to the local militia. You will have to travel to one of the known meeting locations across the town, which is a now abandoned restaurant.

Gray Zone Warfare Helping Hand

This restaurant is near the town’s entrance. Depending on which Faction you chose when you started playing Gray Zone Warfare, the restaurant’s exact coordinates will vary. Take a look at the table below so you can pinpoint its location on your map:

Lamang Recovery InitiativeMithras Security SystemsCrimson Shield International203, 163170, 116141, 164
Gray Zone Warfare Restaurant

Expect a lot of local militia in the area. While it is true that the restaurant is close to the town’s entrance and not in the center of the town where you would expect more soldier presence, it is located at a corner. This means that you will have multiple groups of soldiers trying to shoot you from all sides, so make sure you bring some guns, ammo, and medicines.

Gray Zone Warfare Locked Attic Door

Finding the attic key

However, if you do get rid of all the soldiers, enter the restaurant, and go upstairs, you will find that the attic door is closed. Unfortunately, you will need to find the restaurant’s attic key. Its locations are completely randomized and can only be found by searching the deceased bodies of local militia surrounding the area. The good news is that you have plenty of bodies to search for due to your recent encounter with the soldiers. Go with caution since these soldiers can respawn out of nowhere and ruin your infil.

Gray Zone Warfare Restaurant Attic Key

Once you loot the attic key, all you need to do is get back to the restaurant’s second floor and use it to open the attic door. Once there, pick up the Intelligence Folder and then go back to your Main Base to give it to Handshake.

Gray Zone Warfare Intelligence Folder

By far, the most difficult part of this task will be finding the key. If you are lucky, maybe you could spend a couple of minutes in your search. However, if you are like, then perhaps you will take 30 minutes and a couple of deaths before you find the key you need – because you can also find other keys, of course. Anyway, once you complete the task you will receive the following rewards:

Scorpion backpack. 4,500 USD. 400x Experience. 100x Handshake Reputation.

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