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Meta Adds Enhanced AI Creation Tools for Facebook and Instagram Ads

Meta’s adding more generative AI tools for advertisers, including enhanced text and image generation, creative expansion, text overlays, a centralized collection of AI tools within Ads Manager, and more.

First off, on image generation. Meta’s been experimenting with AI image generation for ad campaigns over the past year, and now, it’s looking to provide enhanced variations of these tools to facilitate broader ad creation in-stream.

The first updated element is image generation, which will now enable you to generate full image variations based on your original ad creative.

Meta AI ad tools

As you can see in this example, Meta’s updated image generation process will now be able to use your original creative as a reference, along with conversational prompts, in order to generate enhanced backgrounds, visual styles and wholly different presentation approaches.

You’ll also be able to use the same process to expand your visuals to better fit multiple surfaces.

As per Meta:

“For example, imagine you’re promoting your coffee bean business by advertising a steaming cup of coffee, our generative AI will be able to create other variations of your ad creative, including scenery that embodies a lush and idyllic farm, and also provide adjustments to the coffee cup to offer you more creative options you can choose.”

Again, Meta has been experimenting with a version of this for some time, so it’s not entirely new, but this updated process will produce better results, making it easier to create entirely new variations, with your own products still featured.

Meta’s also expanding its ad text variation feature, which will now also be able to create variations for ad headlines.

Meta AI ad tools

The example above demonstrates the alternative headline display on the ad creative, in addition to the main ad text. That could help you come up with better hooks for your ads, based on formats that work for other brands.

Meta says that it’s also testing the ability for the generated text “to reflect your brand’s voice and tone, by highlighting key selling points based on your previous campaigns and text input.” In essence, Meta’s working to make its system more attuned to your branding, while also providing more variations based on the parameters that work best within Facebook and IG ads.

Meta also notes that its text generation tools will also soon be powered by its most advanced Llama 3 large language model, which will further expand its capacity.

Finally, you’ll also now be able to create text overlays for your ad content, with a range of font options to choose from.

Meta AI ad tools

Some helpful AI updates, which build on the capacity to use these tools in your process, with the key consideration being that your product images still remain central to the display.

In order to enhance utility of these features, Meta’s also making all of its AI tools available under its Advantage+ creative tab in Ads Manager, which will now house every one of Meta’s generative AI features in one place.

So now, if you’re wondering what you can do with Meta’s AI tools, you’ll be able to tap across and check out your options, which could make it easier to find the right assistive elements for your approach.

These are handy additions and enhancements, which could help you make better use of Meta’s AI tools to improve your campaigns.

Another key advantage is that these tools are trained on the best performing ads in Meta’s system, so the suggestions and notes align with what’s actually generating clicks, and driving engagement in its apps.

Which means that, even if you don’t go with any of its AI suggestions, you’ll get a better idea of what works by trying them out. Shorter copy, snappier headlines, all of these can provide guidance as to how you should be building your Facebook and Instagram ads.

You can read more about Meta’s latest AI enhancements for ads here.

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