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New Study Highlights Key Tips for LinkedIn Video Campaigns, Based on Analysis of 16k Campaigns

As it is on all platforms, video sees the highest engagement rates on LinkedIn, which makes it a critical consideration for marketers looking to maximize their messaging on the platform.

But what, specifically, works in LinkedIn video promotions.

That’s what the team from VidMob sought to find out with their latest study, conducted in partnership with LinkedIn, which saw the VidMob team analyze over 16,000 video ads that had run on the platform, resulting in over 804 million total impressions in-stream.

That’s a significant dataset, which should make the findings of VidMob’s study largely indicative. You can download the full results of VidMob’s analysis here (with email sign-up), but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key points.

First off, the data shows that highlighting your key campaign messaging early on in your video content can drive much higher engagement rates.

LinkedIn VidMob study

Featuring the focal message of your campaign helps to better communicate your intent, and connect with the more focused LinkedIn audience, which can help to improve resonance and response.

The data also shows that LinkedIn users love stats and data notes.

LinkedIn VidMob study

Which makes sense – you’re connecting people in a business mindset, so hard numbers matter in this context. Worth including in your approach.

The report also highlights the importance of brand recognition in your campaigns.

LinkedIn VidMob study

This is a fairly universal point, but it’s worth noting the impact that branding can have on response.

Some other key notes:

Unsurprisingly (given the latest consumption trends), short videos, between 7 and 15 seconds work best, driving a 54% lift in engagement, and a 15% increase in CTR
Showing a person within the first quarter of a video clip resulted in a 175% increase in view-through rates
Displaying a CTA in the first 6 seconds led to a 98% lift in view-through rate
Videos with text overlays saw a 72% increase in CTR

These are some valuable pointers for your LinkedIn video approach, which could help to guide your thinking on how to make the most of your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Definitely worth factoring into your planning.

You can download the full LinkedIn video campaign study from VidMob here

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