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TikTok Users are More Open to In-App Promotions, According to New Report

Here’s a salient point for TikTok marketers – TikTok users are more open to ads than general internet users, which means that promotions in the app are likely more welcome than they are on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

That’s according to a new study conducted by Statista, which found that TikTok users, overall, are much more understanding of, and even open to ads in the app.

As per Statista:

38% of survey participants using TikTok are willing to tolerate advertising in exchange for free access to certain services, which is 4% more than the total number of adults surveyed. Almost 15% of TikTok users struggle to distinguish between advertising and other content.”

That last note is important – one of the key pointers in creating TikTok ads is understanding the platform, and building native-looking campaigns that align with the broader user experience. In this way, TikTok ads are less disruptive, and thus, more likely to merge with broader platform usage.

And another key point of interest from the Statista study, particularly within the context of the current debate around the app: 18% of TikTok users are not concerned about their personal data being used for advertising purposes, which is five percentage points higher than general web users.

Some interesting notes, which could help guide your TikTok approach. Check out the overview of the key findings below.

TikTok ads study

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