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The Podcast team has known that games can be used for more than just entertainment. We’ve discussed charity and climate action use cases, but what about self-care, mental development, and skills improvement?

Trail-blazing gaming company Skillprint enhances all three. Skillprint combines neuroscience and AI to create adaptive and personalised games that equip devs and players with actionable insights into player personality and behaviour.

Skillprint’s CEO and Co-Founder, Chethan Ramachandran, joins Peggy Anne Salz to discuss how Skillprint transforms the way game developers “find, keep, and monetise their audience” and “gives the power of a massive LiveOps team to every game developer in the world.”

You don’t want to miss out on this episode as Peggy and Chethan delve into the company’s latest report on the cognitive and psychological benefits of gaming and how devs can harness this data to understand their games and dramatically increase engagement and retention. 


What’s inside:

00:00 – Intro01:15 – What is Skillprint?04:30 – Chethan’s personal journey10:12 – Altering the playing field for devs13:18 – How are Skillprint customers using the data?15:51 – Will I become a couch potato?18:41 – Games Can Be Good For The Mind Report25:53 – Games as meditation29:04 – What’s next for Skillprint?34:49 – Favourite games Q&A with Chethan

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