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Phil Spencer Explains Why We Haven’t Heard About Hideo Kojima’s Xbox Game


Some may have been wondering what happened to Hideo Kojima’s game developed in partnership with Xbox and announced last year. 

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer himself was interviewed by the Japanese website Game Watch, which asked why there hasn’t been any new information about the new game and when we’ll hear more., 

Spencer explained that he’s meeting with Kojima-san next week when he’s visiting Kojima Productions. He’s looking forward to meeting the developer and checking up on the progress of the project.

He believes development is going well, however, Kojima-san is an innovative developer who is trying something entirely new with this game, and Spencer thinks he needs to work on realizing his vision out of the spotlight. 

That’s why Spencer doesn’t want to ask him to step on stage to say something before he’s ready. He believes Microsoft should make sure he has all the time he needs. 

Phil Spencer introduces Hideo Kojima's new game
Phil Spencer, moments before the announcement of Hideo Kojima’s game in partnership with Xbox

The project was announced in June 2022 during the Xbox Showcase, following a series of rumors.

Not much has been said about it, besides that it’s allegedly an experience that no one has ever seen before and it leverages Micrfosoft’s cloud technology.

We’ll have to wait and see what Kojima-san is cooking, but he rarely creates something that isn’t at the very least surprising.

In the meanwhile, you can read more about Phil Spencer’s continued effort to bring Japanese games to Xbox, alongside a few interesting statistics about the Japanese and Asian gaming market shared by the executive himself at Tokyo Game Show. 

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